Science Centre Singapore presents UNTAME: A Suite of Multi-Dimensional STEM Initiatives

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To encourage the young and young at heart to rediscover the wonders of Science in the new normal, Science Centre Singapore has proudly launched UNTAME - a suite of blended learning digital-first events.

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To navigate the year of disruptions, which saw a three-month closure of Science Centre Singapore (SCS) during the height of the pandemic, the institution made active advancements in pushing the boundaries of digital-driven engagement, with new and signature programmes undergoing a digitalisation facelift to connect with fans beyond the walls of the Centre.

Following the phased reopening of SCS and its group of attractions, the Centre is redefining the guest experience through UNTAME, a multi-dimensional approach to spark curiosity and self-learning both on-ground and online.

Bringing this effort to life are three immersive, cross-platform events which will run from October to November 2020, primed to fuel a fun and meaningful discovery of pivotal 21st century Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and how they interface with Arts and Humanities.

1. KidsSTOP STEAM Festival for Young Learners

Photo Credit: UNTAME / Facebook

When: 8 to 11 October 2020

SCS’ second annual STEAM Festival, organised by KidsSTOP™, is a four-day event that seeks to showcase creative approaches to STEAM-based teaching and learning with a host of educational and sensorial play-based experiences for children.

Open to public on-ground from 8 to 11 October, and online from 9 to 11 October via timed sessions, the event aims to foster a better understanding of early childhood education as we embrace current methodologies and its transformation powered by STEAM.

Purchase any of the festival passports (online, on-ground or both), accomplish the missions and get rewarded! Recommended for children aged 3 years old and above.

At the Centre, children, parents and educators are welcome to experience a sensory trail, science performances, STEAM-based workshops and hands-on activities, including a coding mission for young learners.

Guests participating from the comfort of their home will receive hands-on STEAM kits and engage in creative-making via demo videos, gain access to a collection of STEAM resources, indulge in parent-child bonding through a slew of participatory performances with downloadable pre-session craft materials, and even engage with industry experts through vodcasts where they share about the power of STEAM in nurturing creativity.

2. STEM Conference 2020

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When: 5 to 6 November 2020

STEM Conference 2020 is an influential two-day virtual event that targets educators and professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to drive inspiring conversations and
breakthrough discoveries on STEM education and outreach.

Themed, “Learning without boundaries with STEM: Engaging in Exploration”, the conference expects to engage over 200 STEM professionals in keynote speeches, parallel sessions and workshops on understanding and transforming the application of STEM knowledge and skills in the classroom and workplace.

Some of the best and brightest changemakers joining the stirring line-up of local and international speakers at the event include:

  • Dr. Christine M. Cunningham, Professor of Education and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University.
  • Dr. Stuart Kohlhagen, The Science Nomad Director, Science and Learning at Kellyware Pty Ltd
  • Assoc Prof Teo Tang Wee, National Sciences & Science Education (NSSE) at the National Institute of Education
  • Ms Chua Shi Qian, Senior Assistant Director, Sciences Branch, Curriculum Planning & Development Division 1 at the Ministry of Education.

The digital event will also feature a tradeshow that will facilitate networking with exhibitors and delegates.

3. UNTAME: Beyond Boundaries

Photo Credit: UNTAME / Facebook

When: 19 October to 29 November 2020

Finally, the Centre presents UNTAME: Beyond Boundaries, the inaugural STEM-themed virtual experience showcasing people using science, technology, engineering and mathematics to break technological, geographical, cultural, content and social boundaries.

Facilitated through a gamified approach, step into a virtual arena to be part of hands-on, exploratory quests to explore the realms of Space, Mind and Food. Compete and collaborate with friends to complete STEM challenges to gain points. Participants will be entertained by virtual performances and unframed conversations with unique personalities from interdisciplinary frontiers of Science and Technology and Science and Art.

Find out more about the UNTAME event here.


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