SMIGY Playground | Ball Pits, Slides, Obstacle Courses, Trampolines, Play-Pretend Areas And More!

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Located on the 3rd level of the family-friendly Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) Mall, this pastel-themed indoor SMIGY Playground features more than 8 unique stations for the kids to play in!

Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook

Venue: PLQ Mall, #03-06, 10 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm (Daily)
Admission: Various pricing, details below | To book, call or whatsapp 8797 3001

Vibrantly coloured, brightly lit and well maintained, SMIGY playground is deemed the newest and largest indoor playground in the east of Singapore. Opened in September 2019, the playground spans across 5,000 square feet, and is ideal for kiddos aged between 2 to 12 years.

The play zones are diverse and well-designed for all ages - enough to keep the little ones happily engaged for a couple of hours!

Here's what you can expect on your visit to SMIGY Playground:

Ball Pits, Slides & An Interactive Play Screen

Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook
The children will love this wind machine that pushes the balls upward, and spins them in midair.
Photo & Video Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook

The young ones will definitely enjoy sitting in these float tubes to come down the slide :)

Obstacle Courses, Climbing & Crawling Structures

Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook

There are tons of different elements, such as this interesting knitted netted ball, where the kids can put their motor skills to the test.


Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook
This play area is situated near the entrance of the playground, and comes with two trampolines (for children only), and a climbing slope.

Learning Wall Activity Panels

These busy boards provide great fun and sensory input for the toddlers and smaller kids.

Hinoki Pit

Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook

The playground also has a Hinoki pit equipped with plenty of digging toys for constructive play, and to provide the young ones with a tactile experience.

Racing Car Tracks

Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook

The little ones will enjoy navigating these racing tracks on ride-on cars.

Play-Pretend Areas

There are several play-pretend corners with a very good range of toys, i.e., a toy kitchen, a dollhouse, as well as a foam block building area.

Photo Credit: Chia Ming Ho / Facebook

Cleaning & Safe Distancing Measures

Video Credit: SMIGY Playground / Facebook

The playground is cleaned every day after closing. Disinfection spray machines are used to sterilize the air and equipment surfaces every 2 to 3 hours during opening hours. The cleaning products used are safe for kids, as well as pregnant women. The ball pit balls are also washed on a daily basis.

In line with the safe distancing measures, a maximum of 20 children per play session will be allowed into the playground, and only one adult will be allowed to accompany each child.

Admission Fee

Photo Credit: SMIGY Playground / Facebook

For more information, visit SMIGY Playground's Facebook and/or Instagram pages.


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