Places to go this Weekend: Sand Play @ Sandy Dandy (Closed)

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Location: Sandy Dandy | 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238884
Date: Daily
Hour: 10.00 am - 6.30 pm 
Admission:¬†ÔĽŅCheck article for details

Update: Closed

We popped by the newly opened, Sandy Dandy last week! A nicely decorated (and air-conditioned) indoor sand play! 

If you avoid the beach and sand play because of the sun, insects and what-nots, this is the place for YOU! The first thing I (and many others) noticed was how clean and neat the place was, despite the sand play!

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Sandy Dandy

The moment you step in, you will notice the Caravan and that's the moment the kids start to play! But it is also a good opportunity to educate the LOs about what it is since we do not see any Caravans on our roads!  

Sandy Dandy

*Note, shoes are supposed to be off from the entrance and not from the counter!

Sandy Dandy

I also liked that the entire place is designed so that you can keep your kids in sight while having ample seating for resting in-between play!

Sandy Dandy

Also, it helps that they provide a nice (and pretty) selection of desserts! Did I mentioned there is Ice Cream too!

Sandy Dandy

Sandy Dandy

But it's the sand play that will draw the kids! With shovels, pails, and spades available, watch your LO (and join them too) as they dig and build! Its amazing how something so simple can be so fun!

Sandy Dandy

Sandy Dandy

But don't under-estimate the Lifeguard Tower that doubles as a slide, its quite fast so make sure you catch your LO in time! 

Sandy Dandy

As a public service announcement, I urge you (and the LOs) not to scoop sand into the boat. The owner shared that she has to clear the boat every evening! So poor thing!

Sandy Dandy opens 10am - 6.30pm daily and is located @ The Forum Shopping Mall #02-33, opposite the Preschool.

Check out their pricing details below!

Sandy Dandy

Sandy Dandy Pricing Details

< 1 yr old: $10 + $0 (Additional hour for Weekend)

1 - 3 yr old: $20 + $10 (Additional hour for Weekend)

3 - 10 yr old: $25 + $12 (Additional hour for Weekend)

2 Accompanying Adult, additional adult charged @ $6. 


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