Places to go this Weekend: National Gallery Singapore!

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Location: National Gallery Singapore
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 7 pm 
Admission: Details here

National Gallery Singapore

We dropped by the National Gallery Singapore a couple of weeks ago as we heard all the good things about Keppel Centre of Art Education being really amazing for kids! 

Yet, we came to this... 

National Gallery Singapore

But what surprised me was how we managed to spend over 2hrs with just 2 exhibitions available! Imagine if it was all available, like now when it's the Children's Biennale! 

National Gallery Singapore

For the purpose of this post, I am going to share our experience with the 2 exhibitions that we visited and absolutely enjoyed!

If you want more information about the Children's Biennale, do visit the National Gallery Singapore Facebook Page or Children Biennale's Homepage!

The Enchanted Tree House

When I first stepped in, it felt like I was transported back to a picture book of fairy tales! The colors are so vivid and the drawings feel like they are pouncing out! 

National Gallery Singapore

The main draw for the Kids is the Tree House, up and down.. and up and down.. Every kid was having so much fun that we almost forget we were at a Museum! So, remember to keep the volume down..

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

The place was not big and I recall wondering if this was it.. but time flew by as we spent time playing hide & seek, climbing up the tree house, and even under! 

National Gallery Singapore

Who's in the Woods

If you been to Mosh or the ArtScience Museum, this will not be something new. 

National Gallery Singapore

You simply choose an animal, and color it in whichever way that you like (normal, colorful or even outrageous!) and you "send" it to the giant screen... watch it come to life! 

You might like to read about the Feature at the ArtScience Museum - Into the Wild

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

That's not all, you an even send a printable of your drawing to your email to create a 3D version at home! Sounds cool right! 

National Gallery Singapore

If you intend to visit the National Gallery Singapore this few weeks, just note that it is the Children's Biennale which means there will be much more to do and probably a busier crowd! So do try to put aside more time for it! 

To find out more about the Children's Biennale, simply visit the National Gallery Singapore Facebook Page or Children Biennale's Homepage


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