One Holland Village Opens With A Plethora Of Gourmet Fare, Retail Therapy And Many More Offerings!

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Offering a range of up-market dining, shopping and lifestyle options over 13,500 square metres of new retail, One Holland Village will bring new vibrancy and amenities to the community.

Address: 7 Holland Village Way, One Holland Village, Singapore 275748

One Holland Village: An Outdoor Concept Pet-Friendly Mall

One Holland Village is the first-of-its-kind, low-rise urban lifestyle hub in Singapore, inspired by the iconic rhythm and language of the surrounding shophouses and streets.

Complementing the porous nature of its terrain, shops are designed to integrate with open spaces where the community can gather. By linking people, public spaces and amenities together, this new space will be an extension of the authenticity and bohemian charm of the Village. 

You can expect everything from cafes to gourmet restaurants, independent boutiques to global brands, and the best of both local and international retail concepts. What's more, the mall is also pet-friendly so you are welcome to bring them along as you shop and/or run your errands with your furry friends!

Check out the list below to find out what you can expect from this new mall! 

Cafes & Restaurants


Location: #02-21
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

At CAKEBAR, we've revolutionized the art of giving with our unique gift concept. Our innovative approach lets you unleash your creativity by mixing and matching our artisan cakes, crafting the perfect, personalized present.

Every cake at CAKEBAR is a true masterpiece, painstakingly customized, meticulously designed, lovingly baked, and exquisitely packed. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail in every step of the process.

Kori, our best seller 'Kori Lemon' is a unique dessert that indulges you and your family in daily sweetness using only 100% pure lemon. It's the perfect addition to our gift concept, adding a touch of refreshing citrus to your creations. We aren't just your typical pastry and dessert house; we're your dedicated destination for extraordinary, unforgettable gifts.


Location: #01-26
Opening Hours:
10am to 9.30pm

Baskin-Robbins has long been dedicated to making the experiences of eating ice cream an enjoyable one. The logo features the number ‚Äú31,‚ÄĚ which pays tribute to the company‚Äôs belief that guests should have the opportunity to explore a new ice cream flavor every day of the month.


Location: #02-27
Opening Hours:
 11am to 10pm daily (Last order at 9.20pm)

Founded in Japan in 1985, IPPUDO is a premium restaurant concept that crafts authentic, artisan Hakata Tonkotsu ramen. IPPUDO serves more than 80,000 customers globally each day and has over 200 restaurants worldwide, including its flagship outposts in Japan, New York, and Paris. Each and every restaurant provides guests with high quality menu offerings in a warm, traditional Japanese ramen shop ambience. The New York and Hong Kong outlets have been listed in the countries’ respective Michelin guides. 

Din Tai Fung 

Location: #01-01/02
Opening Hours:

  • Sun to Thu & PH Eve: 11am to 10pm (Last order: 9pm)
  • Fri, Sat, PH Eve & PH: 11am to 10pm (Last order: 9.15pm)

Ranked as one of the world's Top Ten Best Restaurants by the New York Times, Din Tai Fung has its roots dating back to Taiwan more than 60 years ago.

With its famous signature Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao and Steamed Chicken Soup, this authentic Taiwanese restaurant makes waves with branches in Singapore, Thailand, UK, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, UAE and USA.


Location: #02-34/36
Opening Hours:
 10am to 10pm

"Good Price, Better Food, Excellent Choice."

Hippot is serving the Singapore popular hotpot. Using the freshest global ingredients for great value, offering diverse hotpot options, like their signature jumbo meat combo with high-quality meats. They also provide the free kid’s meal and 9 complimentary desserts on the basis of free of charge to our customer. Hippot is providing customers with clean and assured, delicious and inexpensive, warm service, innovative environment experience.

Their outlet has integrated the most modern Ins trend elements, making the hotpot restaurant surprise the customers, and lead them to experience unprecedented freshness and satisfaction. Their brand display to customers or the public is a great place for hotpot lovers with having a nice comfy setting and serving with friendly staff.

Xiang Xiang Hunan Cuisine 

Location: #02-19/20
Opening Hours:
 10am to 10pm

- Better Ingredients, yummy Hunan Dishes -

Xiang Xiang Hunan Cuisine was founded in 2009 is the pioneer of Hunan cuisine in Singapore. We are proudly emerging as one of a winners in Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Established Award in 2023.

Our signature dish, Hunan-style Fried Pork, is crafted using the finest Iberico Black pork, Chinese Screw pepper, and precious fungus cultivated at an altitude of 3000 meters in China. Complementing this exquisite offering is our premium WuChang rice, delicately steamed with bottled pure drinking water in a miniature pot. Additionally, we have providing unlimited snacks and ice creams in our waiting area or as a delightful dessert after their meal.

We are cultivating a comfortable dining ambiance for our patrons by incorporating the popular and inviting wood-themed interior design style.

Additionally, we have established high-visibility areas, such as a mini rice pot display zone. Patrons can eyeball the servers cooking the rice with the process of pouring the precise volume of premium Wu Chang rice and pure drinking water inside the mini pot at the display area. This approach allows our consumers to dine with peace of mind, ensuring that they encounter only genuine ingredients in our dishes.

Ishiro Fusion Bowl 

Location: #01-17
Opening Hours: 
11am to 9pm

A fast food Japanese fusion concept serving rice bowls, Udons (dry/soup) and finger bites.

Sushi Tei 

Location: #03-19/20/21
Opening Hours:
 11.30am to 10pm

Since the inception in 1994, Sushi Tei has pioneered and perfected the Japanese Kaiten (conveyor belt) concept that centers around our open-kitchen, culminating in a warm and inviting ambience that immerses guests in a truly authentic Japanese culinary experience.

Thoughtfully crafted menu showcases the classics that the expansive Japanese cuisine has to offer, marrying the intricacies of Sashimi Sushi to the theatrical flair of Yakimono Nabemono. Sushi Tei prides itself on using fresh and quality ingredients to deliver bold and exciting versions of classic dishes with an innate intuition of local tastes, forging an inimitable epicurean identity of their own and a memorable gastronomic journey to truly remember.


Location: #03-19/20/21
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm

An exciting concept by Sushi Tei, Matsukiya doles out traditional kushiyaki that is grilled over bincho tan. The restaurant uses high-quality ingredients, such as hormone-cage, and antibiotic-free chicken, Miyazaki wagyu ribeye and foie gras. All the ingredients are glazed with a special in-house marinade for a wonderful finish.

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen 

Location: #02-28/29/30
Opening Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri: 11am to 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
  • Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 10.30am to 10pm (last order 930pm)

Step into our kitchen and enjoy timeless Cantonese favourites lovingly reimagines Sincere and efficient hosts bring the heart-warming familiar flavours of Hong Kong’s bustling restaurant scene to all who walk through our doors.

Savour traditional flavours with signature twists, from dim sum, congee and roasted delicacies to sizzling wok specialities. Gather round the table and share nourishing classics in a vibrant modern ambience where everyone’s welcome.


Location: #03-24/25/26
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Be transported to Saigon where a mouth-watering experience awaits with VietSmith’s contemporary take on Vietnamese cuisine. Savour beef pho noodles, get your fill of street food bites, sharing favorites and more at VietSmith.

Retail & Services

MINI Pitstop by Eurokars Habitat

Location: #01-08
Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm

From the latest MINI models and accessories to the MINI Lifestyle collection and more, get your MINI fix here. 

The Artground @OHV

Photo Credit: The Artground

Location: #01-20
Opening Hours: 
9.15am to 10.30am, 10.45am to 12pm, 2pm to 3.15pm, 3.30pm to 4.45pm, 5pm to 6.15pm (Daily) | Closed on selected Public Holidays
Fee:  $5 per person, including babies in arms 

The Artground @OHV is the new kid on the block, with the heart and intention to design an ecosystem that empowers everyone in the family, to meaningfully engage with one another, through the arts.

Pet-Friendly Stores

Plain Meredith 

Location: #02-23/24
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 11am to 9pm | Weekends: 9am to 9pm

Your sanctuary for good vibes, good food, and even better company. We're not just a café; we're a place to build connections and create memories. Embrace the laid-back atmosphere, unwind, and know that our pet-friendly space is open to all, furry friends included.

A pet-friendly space where community and companionship thrive. Beyond being a caf√©, we're your haven for building connections and creating a warm, welcoming space. Join us for a relaxing time, good food, and the joy of being in a space that welcomes all‚ÄĒhumans and pets alike.

Fireplace by Bedrock (outdoor seating area only)

Location: #03-27/28
Opening Hours:

  • Sun to Thu
    • Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm | Dinner: 6pm to 10pm
  • Fri to Sat
    • Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm | Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm¬†

Fireplace by Bedrock is the fiery new concept at Holland Village that pays homage to the award-winning Bedrock core philosophy of keeping all things classic, sourced from the earth, and inspired by the earth. The new concept exemplifies our love for simplicity in cooking with an open wood fire, which enhances the depth of flavour that delights our taste buds.

Anticipate a varied array of premium quality meats and fish, from whole carcass choices to fresh seasonal produce, enriched with the alluring, smoky essence of the wood fire.

As you step into the inviting and cosy ambience of Fireplace, you’ll be embraced by a feeling of warmth, cosiness, and unity. Gather with your companions around the crackling fire, where stories flow freely, and savour good and honest cuisine.

GinkyŇć by Kinki¬†(outdoor seating area only)

Location: #03-01 to 04
Opening Hours:
  • Mon to Sun
    • Lunch: 11.30pm to 2.30pm (Last order: 2pm)
  • Mon to Thur, & Sun
    • Dinner: 5pm to 10pm (Last order: 9.30pm)
  • Fri to Sat
    • Dinner: 5pm to 10.30pm (Last order: food: 9.45pm | drinks: 10pm)

GinkyŇć [pronounced as ‚Äėgeen-keo‚Äô] by Kinki is a modern, chic Japanese bistro that surprises your palate with authentic elements combined with contemporary twists, creative techniques, and unique ingredients around the world.

Bought to you by the team behind the iconic Kinki located at Customs House, we expand further on our ethos of Defying Tradition with the culinary concept on a fusion of global flavours with Japanese favourites.

Paris Baguette (outdoor seating area only)

Location: #01-46/47
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm

Born from a love of bread and a passion for quality, Paris Baguette is an international, fast-casual bakery specialising in French-inspired goods. In addition to chef-inspired cakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and signature coffee and tea, we offer a unique experience to thousands of guests daily.

Extra Virgin Pizza (outdoor seating area only)

Location: #01-03/04/05
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm

We make one helluva Neapolitan pizza and are damn proud to say so. Our pies are a love triangle of the freshest ingredients: Caputo Nuvola flour, juicy tomatoes and oozy cheese. Having put a spin on the classics, every bite’s packed with a surefire punch.

At Extra Virgin Pizza, we believe that a perfect crust is foolproof for any occasion and can only be topped by kick-ass company. Round up your pals and loosen your waistband ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs gonna get a lil‚Äô messy. This is how we roll.

Sourbombe Bakery

Location: #01-27
Opening Hours:

Sourbombe is the innovative mashup of sourdough and Italian Bomboloni ('Bomb' is shaped doughnuts stuffed with pastry cream) but with an artisanal twist! Every bite of our light, fluffy Sourbombe releases an explosion of imaginative flavours and textures, combined in perfect harmony. By experimenting and pushing the boundaries of traditional Bomboloni/doughnuts, we've created the ultimate treat that will blast your expectations and blow your taste buds!


Location: #02-16
Opening Hours:
 11am to 9pm

With a wide variety of snacks and customised packaging, revitalise the fun in snacking with SnackFirst! Our snacks range from healthy treats like nuts and soya crisps to indulgences like chocolates and candies. Families will enjoy sharing our old school biscuits and cookies with the young and old. Organic, gluten-free or vegetarian? We have them all, come snack with us!

Guardian Health & Beauty (Pet(s) to be in a carrier/stroller)

Location: #01-12 to 15
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Guardian Health & Beauty is the leading health and beauty chain in Singapore since 1972. Guardian has evolved from its pharmacy roots into a holistic one-stop solution for customers‚Äô health and beauty needs. It continues to expand its product and service range to meet the redefinition of beauty by today‚Äôs customers ‚Äď where health meets beauty.

Art Works Gallery

Photo Credits: Far East Malls - One Holland Village (unless otherwise stated)

Location: #01-10/11
Opening Hours: 12pm to 8pm

Art Works Gallery spans an impressive 2000sqft and is dedicated to showcasing high-quality, decorative pieces, meticulously curated from a select group of ultra-contemporary artists. The selection of affordable art in the gallery is designed to be accessible and approachable, providing an opportunity for both new and experienced collectors to engage with the vibrant world of contemporary art. 

Pet Amenities

The mall isn‚Äôt just accessible for pets‚Äďthere are amenities for them too! Use the pet hooks while you‚Äôre shopping in the shops and keep them hydrated at the water dispensers.¬†

Village Commons: Rooftop Area at Level 4

The rooftop area at level 4 has plenty of open spaces for those looking to just chill out, enjoy some fresh air and admire the nice view of the new and old Holland V areas.

Getting There

By Train

Holland Village MRT Station (CC21)

By Bus

The buses that service Holland Village regularly are: 7, 32, 48, 61, 74, 74e, 75, 77, 91, 95, 100, 105, 106, 111, 145, 147, 165, 185, 191, 196,198, 200, 970, NR5 and NR 8.

By Car

Holland Village is connected to the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE), which will take you to any point in the city fast. 

For your parking needs, a generous number of 468 car park lots are available.


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