Fireplace by Bedrock - Open Wood-Fired Grill Restaurant at One Holland Village

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Award-winning Bedrock unveils a fresh open wood-fired grill concept: Fireplace by Bedrock at One Holland Village.

Venue: #03-27/28, 7 Holland Village Way One Holland Village Singapore 275748
Opening Hours: Various, see below

Nestled within the exciting new urban lifestyle hub that is One Holland Village, Fireplace by Bedrock is designed to draw diners with a welcoming warmth and conviviality. The concept melds the charm of age-old elemental cooking with the elegance of sleek modernity, much like the charm of Holland Village where it is located. 

Open Wood-Fired Grill Concept

Stepping into the restaurant, families will immediately notice the open fire grill. The fire provides a certain homely warmth as you make your way to your table. 

Look forward to a sensorial experience as the open-kitchen anchors the space, offering all diners a mesmerising view of chefs working at the open wood-fire grill. If you are lucky (or if you pre-ordered), you will may even get to see the lamb or suckling pig being slow-cooked over the grill too. The sounds, smell and warmth, gives one the sense of togetherness associated with gathering around a meal prepared at an open fire. 

The Food

A compact yet versatile menu – spanning appetisers, mains, and desserts, all items have at least an element prepared on the open wood-fire grill, including the desserts. 

For appetisers, the oven-baked Bone Marrow Toast ($28) on a house-made toasted brioche will satiate with its unctuousness, balanced by a generous topping of pickled shallots, capers, parsley, and caramelised onions

More tantalising dishes come in the form of vibrant main courses such as the Dirty Duck ($48): an Irish duck rubbed with a medley of aromatic spices such as coriander powder, Sichuan peppercorn, and cumin powder, sous vide and then finished on the grill upon order. The Orange Honey Jurassic Quail ($38) – an Australian bird larger than most quails, is marinated with orange and honey glaze for at least a day before being grilled till succulent upon order.

The grilled Lamb Ribs (300g/$48) is equally big-flavoured, having been seasoned with a special house-blend rub of paprika, black pepper, and chilli powder. Another highlight is the 6 Hours Wood-Fired Crispy Pork Belly ($35 for 200g / $48 for 300g), sous vide overnight and simply seasoned before slow-cooked in ambient heat on a rack hung above the grill, imbuing it with a smoky flavour. To finish, the meat is turned on its skin and cooked to attain a crisp texture

The Wagyu Tomahawk Steak (market price) features a large premium cut of Wagyu, expertly grilled to tender perfection. Other showstoppers (and for the 'gram) include the 8 Hours Wood-Fired Roasted Whole Lamb ($38 for 200g / $50 for 300g) and Half Suckling Pig ($240).

Fireplace also offers an array of sides including a rendition of Bedrock’s ever popular Mac N’ Cheese ($18), which features al-dente maccheroni in a flavourful gorgonzola cheese sauce, blanketed under a parmesan cheese crust. Other must-haves include the Potato Dominoes ($14) where thinly sliced Yukon potatoes are baked and finished with grated parmesan cheese and blue cheese cream; Coal-Roasted Sweet Potatoes ($10) served with sour cream, fennel salt and parsley; and the Zucchini ($12) on a bed of ricotta yoghurt mint and toasted hazelnuts.

Kids Menu

The Kid's Menu provides friendly options that are not only delicious but also wholesome for the young ones. For the pasta enthusiasts, there's the Tossed Spaghetti Carbonara ($15) with crispy bacon and grated parmigiano. If the little one prefers a protein-packed meal, they can dig into the Boneless Chicken Thigh ($15) served with baked potatoes and chicken jus, a nutritious and flavourful choice.


Here, the menu spotlights an extensive range of new-world red wines (from $13/glass) that beautifully complement the robust, smoky essence of open-fire grilled meats. Guests may also look forward to a selection of single malt whiskies (from $13/glass).

Classic cocktails (from $15) such as the Bloody Mary, Gentlemen’s Sour, Starward Old Fashioned, alongside non-alcoholic options (from $9.80/glass) offer the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing evening at the restaurant within the cosy indoors or lush outdoor terrace.

The Space

The pet-friendly, 34-seat outdoor terrace is shaded by pergolas, offering a breezy, laid-back environment for a relaxed meal reminiscent of al fresco meals cooked on the open fire.

Within the main dining room, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows create an indoor space that is light, airy and inviting. The interiors feature rammed earth wall textures, a nod to Bedrock’s philosophy of using natural ingredients sourced from the earth, and sports a colour palette that is inspired by the rich and earthy hue of the Quebracho tree in Argentina, exuding warmth and comfort. Light timber tabletops, contrasting leather chairs and a caramel leatherette banquette that runs the length of the space, further add to the cosy, inviting aesthetics of the 56-seater room.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday & Sunday

  • Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm (last order at 2.30pm)
  • Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Friday – Saturday

  • Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm (last order at 2.30pm)
  • Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (last order at 10.00pm)

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