New Craft Zone at SMIGY PLQ Mall - Dig For Dinosaur Eggs, Make Your Own Handbag & More!

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SMIGY PLQ expands with a new craft zone with interesting craft activities for kids! Enjoy a limited time 30% discount now!

*Updated (22 Feb 2022): Discount updated.

Location: 10 Paya Lebar Rd, #03-05/06 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 10am - 8 pm (Mon - Thu) | 10 am - 9 pm (Fri - Sun)
Fees: Depends on activity

Since opening in 2019, SMIGY at PLQ Mall is a popular indoor playground for parents and their little ones in the East! With the newly opened craft zone, there is more reasons for families to visit! 

Read on and find out how you can enjoy 30% off your visit!

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Different Types of Activities

The team at SMIGY has taken the effort to source for different activities for the craft zone. This is to cater to a wider age group and preferences - you will also notice that the activities are quite unique and is commonly available. 

Do note that activities at the craft zone is not part the indoor playground experience or package, and is priced separately. 

Dinosaur / Gem Digging

Pricing: from $18

The giant dinosaur at the entrance is sure to pique the interest of those passing by the shop. Your little ones will not be digging for giant dinosaur fossils, instead, they will be digging for dinosaur fossil sculptures, glow in the dark dinosaurs or gem stones. 

Kids will dress up in an apron, with hammers and tools, they will embark on an activity to "excavate" their prize finds from within the clay egg or rock. Like a blind bag, we won't know what they find until the work is done!

DIY Designing

Pricing: $25 (Clock/Lamp), $15 (Jewel Box)

Kids can choose to design clocks, lamps or their own jewel box at this activity. Simply pick an item and design it using the loose gems and pearls provided. There are no instructions but just your imagination to create what your want. 

After completion, you can bring home and display the items at home too! 

Wishing Bottle 

Pricing: from $12

By layering different coloured sands and placing cute figurines in the bottles, kids can create their own miniature wishing bottle. The completed design is sealed in place with a clear sealant so you don't have to worry it will get messed up. 

There are different bottle sizes available for kids to work on. Completed bottles will be a nice self-made decorative piece for your home too! 

Brick-Pieced Characters 

Pricing: $15 (2D), $28 (3D)

Using coloured bricks, kids can create different characters in 2D or 3D! Simply follow the pictures provided and piece the bricks together to create your own works! 3D pieces are more complicated and may be suitable for older kids. 

The completed characters, both 2D and 3D, will be able to stand. 

DIY Handbag

Pricing: $45

Using plastic molds and clips, kids can put together their very own mini-handbag with strap! They can choose from different coloured molds to create different designs. 

The process is surprisingly easy - you simply follow the instruction sheet provided, and it will take about 20 to 30 mins to complete. Handbags come with a zip and strap too!

Opening Special - Limited Time 30% Discount

From now till 31 Mar 2022, enjoy 30% off any craft activity at the new craft zone on weekdays (Mon to Fri, except public holidays and school holidays). Simply show the staff at SMIGY this article before taking part in the activity to enjoy this promotion!


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