Brand New KidzWorld Opens in Singapore Zoo - Dry and Water Play Areas, Petting Zoo and More

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The new KidzWorld in the Singapore Zoo will feature dry and wet play areas, petting zoos and more for families! 

Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

Venue: Singapore Zoo, Tram Stop 4. 
Opening Hours: Opens with Singapore Zoo
Admission: Free, included with admission to Singapore Zoo

The new KidzWorld, also the Home of the Ranger Buddies, is a one-hectare space that augments Singapore Zoo’s 50-year heritage of providing children and their families with a living classroom to experience animal encounters and plenty of opportunities for playtime. 

A place where learning and fun meet, the experiences have been designed to spark and grow love for animals, wildlife and nature. These range from interactive play, to meeting animals, to a new water maze to dial up the fun. Let's take a look at what you can expect at the new KidzWorld!

Play Trees - Outdoor Playground

Let the little ones go on a sensory exploration at the 2 treehouses filled with fun and play elements! Slide the the tube slide, play at the sand play area or even jump around the trampoline - there's definitely lots of play to be done! 

That's not all, did you notice that one of the tree house is inspired by the natural environment while the other features play elements that mimic sounds of nature.

Splish Splash - Water Play Area

Every child loves to have some fun with water. Explore an always-changing maze of water at Splish Splash ‚ÄĒ KidzWorld‚Äôs wet play zone. Selected Ranger Buddies can even get a secret code to unlock the power to change the maze patterns!¬†

There are open washing areas as well as closed door bathing areas for use. 

Animal Land - Outdoor Petting Zoo

Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

In this outdoor free-ranging exhibit, be brave and get up close with animals like Axis deer, pigs, tortoises, falabellas and goats as well as chat with the friendly trainers.

Little Paws - Indoor Petting Zoo

Little Paws is a fun place where little critters with their little feet make the biggest footprints in everyone’s heart. Get a chance to show your love to the furry residents at Kitty Corner, Canine Clubhouse and Rabbit Patch.

  • Kitty Corner -¬†Observe the cats nimbly navigate their obstacle course in Kitty Corner. Discover a cat‚Äôs body language to tell when it wants to be friends and when it prefers some ‚Äúme-time‚ÄĚ.
  • Canine Clubhouse -¬†Befriend the friendly dog pack and receive sniffs, licks and snuffles in return. Chat with trainers who will share tricks of the trade to train your own pet dog in a gentle and rewarding way.
  • Rabbit Patch -¬†Rabbits are curious but sensitive animals. Children get to practice gentle hands and quiet voices when interacting with the colony of rabbits.

This is in our opinion the best spot of KidzWorld that allows little ones to get first-hand experience with the animals! Plus it is air-conditioned! 

Animals @ Play 

Observe the Indian crested porcupine, skunks and macaws in their naturalistic habitat. As part of animal care, enrichment activities are regularly planned for animals to keep them physically and mentally stimulated - come check out what toys for animals play with! 

Animals Buddies - Presentations and More

In place of the Animal Friends presentation, guests can now swing by Animal Buddies to meet the animal stars at the Animal Buddies Plaza, participate in lively animal presentations and learn more about the amazing animals and pet responsibility.

Make cool animal moves and dance your heart out with your animal friends!

  • Meet Our Hooved Friends -¬†11:00am (Daily) & 12:30pm (Mon ‚Äď Fri):¬†Clip-clop, trit-trot! Join our hooved friends and learn to trot like a falabella and climb like a goat!
  • Animal Heroes -¬†12:30pm (Sat, Sun & PH) & 2:00pm (Daily):¬†Buddy and his pack of friendly farm animals show off their super senses and speedy moves in this exciting presentation!¬†
  • Dance Your Hearts Out - 3.30 pm (Daily):¬†Ever wonder how animals move the way they do? Learn some dance moves inspired by your favourite animal friends and groove to the beat!

Pack Walk

Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

  • 3:00pm (Buddy Walk ‚ÄĒ Ranger Buddies Quest Players), 11:30am & 4:45pm (Pack Walk) - Daily

End the day with a fun walk alongside falabellas, goats, fancy chickens and more of our animal friends from the stage at Animal Buddies all the way to the KidzWorld Entrance! It‚Äôs not goodbye but ‚Äėsee you again‚Äô!

Ranger Buddies Base Camp

Ranger Buddies Quest is a unique interactive park experience that engages children in missions to learn more about animals while visiting the parks of Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

To take part in the missions, simply rent a pair of smart binoculars and start exploring through a mission! Dock your binoculars at any Ranger Buddies Quest outpost to start playing as you discover how to care for animals and nature.

The smart binoculars grants you access to the Ranger Buddies Base Camp, an immersive multimedia experience for children at KidzWorld where you will be transported into the world of Guardians Yara and Kai, and let your imagination run wild as you find out how their little actions can help to make a difference for the Earth.

*Note that there are extra fees for renting the smart binoculars. 

Dining Options

You will have 2 options when dining at KidzWorld, this include the popular KFC restaurant and KidzWorld Cafe, a forest-inspired café featuring a playful ambience and a range of delightful bites. 

We really appreciate that there are 2 dining options and hope it helps to elevate the crowd issue from the previous KidzWorld. 

*Note that KidzWorld Cafe is not Halal-certified but the staff mentioned that their suppliers are Halal-suppliers. 


KidzWorld is located within the Singapore Zoo and is just opposite from Tram Stop 4. 


Entry to KidzWorld is included as part of your ticket to the Singapore Zoo. There are no additional admission required. However, you may be required to queue for the Animal Land and Little Paws when visiting the animals. 

Also note that extra fee is required to rent the smart binoculars for entry into the Ranger Buddies Base Camp. 

If you are looking for tickets to the Singapore, do check out the various ticketing options available across ticketing platforms here. 

More details of KidzWold can be found here. 



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