Jurong West Street 73 Playground | A Spacecraft-Themed Playground With Climbing Structures, Slides, See-Saws And More!

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Situated at 739A Jurong West Street 73, this neighbourhood playground certainly boasts a very welcoming invitation for kids to play!

Venue: 739A Jurong West Street 73, Singapore 641739
Opening Hours: Daily | 24 hours
Fee: Free

Blue Spaceship Structure

Greeting visitors to the playground is a huge three-storey blue spacecraft play structure with nets and climbing frames.

In order to get into and to the top of the playground, the kiddos will have to climb their way up from the bottom and inside of this play structure to reach the upper levels.

Right above the playground awaits a round or circular opening that looks up into the sky.

Blue Tube Slide

At the top level of this spacecraft playground is a big blue tube slide for the kids to slide to get down from the play structure. 

There's also a smaller open blue slide located at the lower tier of the playground for younger kids to slide on.

Green Netted "Spinning Saucer"

The other play structure at the playground is a smaller netted green structure that looks like a "spinning saucer". 


Kids are also bound to have tons of fun riding on this blue, yellow and red-coloured wobbly see-saw.

"Speed Racer"

Those up for some competitive bike racing can have a go on this pair of stationary pedal bikes in a game of “Speed Racer”.

Fitness Corner

Photo Credits: Goh Shu Hui (@gohshuhui12)

There is also a fitness corner located just next to the playground, where the adults can get in some exercise while the kiddos play - so no excuses for Daddy and Mommy to slack off! =D=D


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