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Kidztropic Cove offers structured and unstructured play for little ones below 6 years old. 

Venue: Annex@furama, #05-02, 407 Havelock Road, Singapore 169634
Opening Hours: Tue to Fri (2 pm to 7 pm), Sat, Sun and PH (10 am to 8 pm)
Admission: from $15 (get tickets with extra play time here) 

After the successful opening of Kidztropic Poiz, Kidztropic opens their second outlet at Annex@Furama! This new play space, Kidztropic Cove offers a space for young ones to engage in both structured and unstructured activities, encouraging children to learn through exploration, creativity and imaginative play. 

A Different Type of Play Experience

At Kidztroic Cove, you won't find massive play structures or energetic play. Instead, Kidztropic Cove allows young ones to engage in imaginative play with a big space with little toys around. There will be different types of toys in different areas to let little ones play with. 

Little ones can play pretend in the little Kopitiam with a local twist, or drive along the road that runs through the playgrounds. There's also a little ball pit that young ones can jump into too!

Lots of Space

The play area has been designed to allow lots of open space with little fixed structures. This allows kids and parents to move around freely, and even to bring toys around as they play. 

There are also lots of seating options for parents to chill and just soak in this parenthood moment, or to take a break while interacting with other parents too. 

Parties and More

Kidztropic Cove is also a popular venue for children's birthday parties, baby 100-days celebrations and more! A private area can be cordoned for parties too. 

We also understand that older kids that come to the parties can head over to Waka Waka Indoor Playground, located next to Kidztropic Cove, for just a top-up of $10 per kid! 

Pricing and Opening Hours

The playground is open Tue to Fri from 2 pm to 7 pm, and Sat, Sun and PH from 10 am to 8 pm. You are encouraged to make a booking before visiting to avoid closure due to events. 

Tickets are priced at 

  • 1 Hour Play Time (Tue - Fri): $15
  • 2 Hours Play Time (Tue - Fri): $27
  • 1 Hour Play Time (Sat & Sun): $18
  • 2 Hours Play Time (Sat & Sun): $32

You can also enjoy additional play time when you purchase your Kidztropic Cove admission tickets from the BYKidO SHOP. 


Kidztropic Cove is located at Annex@furama, #05-02, 407 Havelock Road, Singapore 169634


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