Indoor Playgrounds that are closed in Mar and Apr 2020

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The rapidly changing situation of the COVID-19 looks likely to claim another victim in the family edutainment industry. Many indoor playgrounds announced temporary closure for the next month and it does not look like the situation will pick up for them soon. 

BYKidO has had good relationships with many indoor playgrounds in Singapore, often sharing the to-dos and experiences for families at these popular venues. We have spoken to many owners of indoor playgrounds, and many started with the noble ambitions of creating a safe and fun environment for children and their families. 

Along our journey, we have seen new openings and also closures, and made many friends in this space. We hear their grievances on mounting cost, in handling difficult situations, and when closure looms we often hear their sighs of not doing better. 

Giggles, Fidgets, Red Bean Park, My Little Giant, Playkeroo, The City, are just some of the indoor playgrounds that have closed over the last 3 years, and with the current COVID-19 situation, many more are worried. 

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Indoor Playgrounds With Temporary Closures

Although there is some initial confusion over whether they are required to be closed, the following playgrounds have decided to close their venues for at least the next month. As one of the owners shared, "we should follow the spirit and intent of these measures and just close for the time being".

Many of them are worried about their staff, about ongoing rental, and about what comes next. If you have ideas of how else these businesses can help you during this period or how they can re-open stronger, do share it in the comments below!

Editor's Note: We usually try to keep our articles objective. Our writers are asked to share information with the aim to help parents make easier decisions to go or not to go for an event or a venue. But this article is written with a heavy heart, and I personally ask that when the situation improves (and if your family is well), you will consider these venues for your next family outing too. Otherwise, there may be no more indoor playgrounds next time! - Jr

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