11 Family-Friendly Chalets in Singapore for Family Time

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Explore 11 chalets in Singapore for families for your next family gathering!

Ready for a twist on the usual family vacation? Imagine tucking your family into a cosy chalet in Singapore, where every moment becomes a cherished memory. If you're wondering where these hidden gems are, you've hit the jackpot. We're about to unveil a world where fun meets comfort, specifically tailored for families like yours.

Here's what we're diving into:

  • Why choose to stay in a chalet in Singapore¬†for your next family time
  • A curated list of 11 family-friendly chalets, each with its own charm
  • Tips to get the most out of your chalet stay, ensuring every penny spent is worth the experience

Whether you're planning a cosy staycation or a party for more people, stick around. We're about to make your planning a whole lot easier.

Choosing a Chalet in Singapore For Your Next Family Time

Think vacation, and your mind might dart to sandy beaches or bustling city sights. But there's a nostalgic piece in Singapore that often flies under the radar‚ÄĒchalets. These aren't just any stays; they're your ticket to an unforgettable family adventure. Let's break down why a chalet in Singapore¬†could be your next best family¬†getaway.

First off, space. Chalets offer that much-needed room to breathe, play, and relax together as a family, something that cramped hotel rooms can't match. You're not just booking a place to sleep; you're securing a home away from home where memories are made.

Then, there's the privacy. Imagine sipping your morning coffee in peace, surrounded by lush greenery, without the buzz of other tourists. Chalets provide a secluded haven where your family can unwind in tranquillity, away from the crowds.

Amenities play a big part, too. Many chalets come equipped with full kitchens, BBQ pits, and many other facilities. These features invite you to personalize your vacation. Whether it's a home-cooked meal or a family BBQ, the choice is yours.

But it's not all about staying in. Chalets in Singapore are often strategically located close to nature reserves, theme parks, and other attractions. This means adventure is just around the corner. You get the best of both worlds‚ÄĒa serene retreat after a day of exploration.

The Top 11 Family-Friendly Chalets in Singapore

Embarking on a quest to find the perfect family getaway spot in Singapore? Look no further. We've scoured the island to bring you a handpicked list of the top chalets that are guaranteed to cater to every family's tastes and needs. From beachfront beauties to serene garden retreats, each chalet offers its own unique blend of comfort, adventure, and relaxation.

Get ready to discover your next family vacation spot, where every detail is designed with families in mind. Whether you're looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or just a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, our list has something for everyone! 

*Pricing information include below are an indication only as prices fluctuate due to demand, period and promotions. 

1. The Chevrons

Nestled in the heart of Jurong, The Chevrons emerges as a beacon of modernity and comfort for families looking for an unforgettable chalet experience. With 6 double-storey chalets, it caters to both intimate gatherings and larger family celebrations.

Each unit comes with a spacious living room with a dining area and a kitchenette on the first floor, two bedrooms on the second floor, and a personalised sheltered BBQ pit with a washing area, conveniently located at the doorsteps of every unit.

Whether you're planning a birthday bash or a cosy weekend getaway, The Chevrons offers a perfect blend of luxury and homeliness, all within the vibrant vicinity of Singapore's West side.

What The Chevrons Offers:

  • Affordable Luxury: Enjoy competitive rates starting from $270/night for the public, with discounted rates from $155/night for members.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Dive into comfort with modern rooms facing the pool, featuring soft beds and linked to a sheltered BBQ pit for those memorable family cookouts.
  • Spacious Bungalows: Each bungalow accommodates at least seven adults, offering ample space, modern finishes, and a cosy living room for that home-away-from-home feel.
  • Outdoor Charcoal BBQ Pit: Perfect for grilling enthusiasts, coupled with a fully equipped kitchenette and outdoor picnic tables for dining under the stars.
  • Convenient Location: Situated near shopping malls like IMM, Jem, and Westgate for easy access to party supplies and essentials.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Members and guests can enjoy facilities like a refreshing swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms, and essential home appliances for a comfortable stay.

2. Aranda Country Club

Tucked away in the tranquil enclave of Pasir Ris, the Aranda Country Club offers a blissful escape that promises both relaxation and entertainment for the whole family. This isn't just another staycation spot; it's a destination where indulgence meets family fun.

It is also located near to the many facilities at Downtown East and Wild Wild Wet, offering different activities from aqua fitness workouts to BBQ and karaoke nights, every moment here is designed to forge unforgettable memories.

What Aranda Country Club Offers:

  • Diverse Family Activities: Dive into a variety of family-friendly facilities, including aqua fitness, BBQ, and karaoke sessions.
  • Kid's Playroom: A paradise for younger children with toys and other play options to ensure¬†they're entertained throughout the stay.
  • Executive Suites: Spacious accommodations featuring a living room, dining area, pantry with a refrigerator, and two bedrooms with two bathrooms, catering to all your family‚Äôs needs.
  • Self-Care for Parents: A special Momley Loft for parents to enjoy a moment of self-care and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Luxury and Comfort: Choose from 38 suites, including 20 luxury suites, each with a master bedroom, a twin-sharing room, and two toilets, providing ample space for families or larger groups.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: Access to a swimming pool, gymnasium, barbecue pits, karaoke, food options, a reading room, and a playroom, ensuring a variety of activities for every family member.

3. Heritage Chalet

At the picturesque beachfront of Pasir Ris Park, Heritage Chalet offers an enchanting escape that combines the comfort of bungalows with the adventure of glamping. Whether you're looking to bond with your family or planning a large gathering, this chalet provides a versatile backdrop for any occasion. With options to stay in a sea-facing bungalow or one that overlooks the garden, Heritage Chalet caters to those seeking both tranquillity and picturesque views.

What Heritage Chalet Offers:

  • Spacious Bungalows: Accommodating up to 10 people from $367/night, featuring a communal living area and a fully-equipped kitchen on the ground floor.
  • Cosy Bedrooms: Four bedrooms on the upper floor with two shared bathrooms, including one bedroom with a double bed and the rest with single beds, perfect for families or groups.
  • Unique Glamping Experience: Families can also choose air-conditioned dome tents that can accommodate up to 5 persons from $239/night, offering a luxurious camping experience with all the comforts of home.
  • BBQ and Dining: Each bungalow comes with a BBQ pit, and glamping guests receive a portable grill, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy a delightful outdoor cooking experience.
  • Family Fun: Located near Pasir Ris Park Adventure Playground and the beach, plus an onsite kid‚Äôs playground for endless entertainment options.
  • Exclusive Activities: Enjoy onsite activities like archery and prawning, adding a unique twist to your stay.

4. D’Resort at Downtown East

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Pasir Ris, D’Resort @ Downtown East stands out as a modern escape that marries the essence of a chalet with the luxury of a resort. It's more than just a place to stay; it's a launching pad for adventure, offering easy access to a plethora of activities and amenities at Downtown East. With eight uniquely themed room options, including the Rainforest Family and Beach Cove-themed rooms, D’Resort caters to every taste and preference, making it an ideal choice for families, couples, and solo travellers alike.

What D’Resort Offers:

  • Themed Family Rooms: The Rainforest-themed family rooms are a cosy haven for two adults and two children, complete with a queen-sized bed, bunk beds, and child-friendly features.
  • Proximity to Entertainment: Located a stone's throw from attractions like Wild Wild Wet Water Park, Pasir Ris Park, Hi Roller indoor skating rink, and Upwall Climbing, ensuring there's never a dull moment.
  • Exclusive Discounts: NTUC members enjoy special rates, adding value to your stay.
  • Modern Amenities: All rooms boast wooden floors, free Wi-Fi, a mini fridge, and a hair dryer, ensuring your comfort and convenience.
  • BBQ Pits: Dedicated BBQ areas provide the perfect spot for a family cookout, away from the rooms to keep your stay peaceful and odour-free.
  • Advance Booking Discounts: Score up to 30% off your room by booking at least 120 days in advance, making your getaway both memorable and affordable.

5. Civil Service Club @ Changi

  • Address: 2 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508503
  • Contact Information: +65 6709 4709
  • Website: https://www.cscchangi.sg
  • Rates: From $100 per night

Nestled in the serene corner of Singapore's East, the Civil Service Club @ Changi is a hidden gem that offers a luxurious retreat for families, friends, and large gatherings. With its diverse range of accommodations‚ÄĒfrom quaint 1-storey chalets to expansive seafront chalets and cottage-style bungalows‚ÄĒthis destination caters to all preferences and budgets, starting at ~$100/night during non-peak periods.

What Civil Service Club @ Changi Offers:

  • Variety of Accommodations: Choose from 1-storey chalets, seafront chalets, and cottage-style bungalows, with options to suit every group size and budget.
  • Spectacular Views: Wake up to breathtaking seaside sunrises, perfect for early risers and nature lovers.
  • Outdoor Activities: Enjoy a range of activities outside your doorstep, including cycling, fishing, and even a game of bowling or a rooftop BBQ at the CSC clubhouse, just a short walk away.
  • Rooftop BBQ: Experience dining with a view at the rooftop BBQ area, overlooking yachts and the sea, offering a unique and memorable experience.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: With BBQ pavilions, mahjong rooms, bowling alleys, swimming pools (including a play pool for kids), and tennis courts, there‚Äôs no shortage of entertainment options for guests.
  • Sprawling Villas: The 2-storey villas come in three variations, equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

6. HomeTeamNS at Bukit Batok

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok West Villas is a rustic retreat that blends leisure and entertainment, setting the stage for a memorable staycation with a twist. Situated within easy reach of public transport and nestled beside a clubhouse brimming with amenities, this destination offers more than just a stay‚ÄĒit delivers an experience. From convenient shopping at NTUC Fairprice to dining options and activities like bowling or Laser Quest, everything you need for a fun-filled holiday is right on your doorstep.

What HomeTeamNS at Bukit Batok Offers:

  • Accessible Luxury: Starting from $190/night, the rustic 2-storey villas are not just about comfort but about providing a comprehensive leisure experience.
  • Private BBQ Area: Each villa features a spacious living hall leading to a private BBQ outback, perfect for gatherings, with convenient access to toilets on the ground floor for guests.
  • Gaming Delight: The Premier Deluxe Villa comes equipped with Xbox games, allowing for friendly competitions, along with a selection of classic board games available from the Villa Concierge.
  • Exclusive Membership Benefits: Peak period booking is exclusive to HomeTeamNS members and affiliated members, including SAFRA, JOM, Social, and PAssion Card holders, ensuring a privileged experience.
  • Variety of Villas: Choose from three types of villas, each offering different sizes and facilities, including a living room, dining room, and an outdoor picnic bench with a private BBQ pit.

7. National Service Resort & Country Club

At the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC), sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers will find their paradise. This haven is not just about luxury; it's about combining the comfort of home with the thrill of outdoor activities. With its expansive golf courses, state-of-the-art fitness centres, and vibrant sea sports centre, NSRCC offers an unparalleled experience for those looking to infuse their vacation with action and relaxation.

What National Service Resort & Country Club Offers:

  • Recreational Paradise: Dive into a world of sports with golf courses, fitness centres, and a sea sports centre at your disposal.
  • Stunning Two-Storey Bungalows: Enjoy breathtaking views of Changi Beach and the golf courses, complete with a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a private BBQ pit.
  • Exclusive Membership Rates: NSRCC members, Singapore citizens, SAFRA members, and NS Men enjoy special rates, making luxury accessible.
  • Poolside Bungalows: For those seeking proximity to the pool, bungalows near the swimming pool offer an elevated experience, albeit at a slightly higher price point.
  • Classy Interiors: With a design that emphasizes comfort and elegance, each bungalow is a retreat that beckons you to stay longer.
  • Unrestricted Outdoor Space: Located by the shores of Changi Beach, the chalets offer ample outdoor space for those serene seaside walks or a game at the bowling centre during rainy days.
  • Privacy and Peace: The well-spaced bungalows ensure privacy, allowing you to enjoy your stay without disturbances.

8. Gallop Kranji Farm Resort

Gallop Kranji Farm Resort offers a refreshing twist to the typical chalet experience. Here, it's all about reconnecting with nature and indulging in the simple joys of farm life. This unique getaway spot allows you to step away from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in agricultural and animal activities. Whether you're looking for a couple retreat or a family eager to explore the countryside, Gallop Kranji Farm Resort has something special for you.

What Gallop Kranji Farm Resort Offers:

  • Agricultural Adventures: Engage in a range of activities, from 24hr prawning to visiting nearby nature-themed attractions.
  • Variety of Villas: Accommodations range from the cosy Standard Villa, perfect for two, to the spacious Family Suite, which can house up to 8 guests, ensuring comfort for any group size.
  • Back to Kampung Days: The Family Suite, priced from S$320 per night, includes¬†2 queen-sized beds, a BBQ pit, and a spacious compound for that kampung-like experience.
  • Culinary Delights: Satisfy your hunger with local delicacies¬†on the compound with daily opening hours from 3 pm till 3 am to satisfy those late night hunger pangs!
  • Tranquil Setting: Situated at 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, the resort is a peaceful haven that promises a break from the city's noise and a plunge into the tranquility of farm life.

9. HomeTeamNS East Villa Bedok Reservoir

HomeTeamNS East Villa at Bedok Reservoir presents a picturesque getaway that combines the tranquillity of waterfront living with the excitement of a family-friendly chalet experience. This exceptional retreat offers not just a place to stay but a plethora of activities to make your staycation unforgettable.

From cooking up a storm on your private BBQ countertop to diving into gaming and pool adventures, East Villa offers families the opportunity to bond while having fun! The space is also great for those planning birthday parties or gathering for extended families. 

What HomeTeamNS East Villa Bedok Reservoir Offers:

  • Luxurious Waterfront Chalets: Each villa is designed to provide a serene escape with beautiful views, cooking pots, an induction hob, and a private BBQ countertop with an electric grill.
  • Entertainment Galore: Enjoy family time with a smart TV and a game console in the living room, alongside available Mahjong Sets, board games, and card games for rental.
  • Fitness and Fun: Dive into the pool or get a workout at the Fitness Workz Garage, ensuring that both relaxation and activity are on your agenda.
  • Variety of Villas and Bungalows: With four chalet villas and bungalows to choose from, find the perfect fit for your family‚Äôs needs and preferences.
  • Exclusive Membership Rates: HomeTeamNS members enjoy special rates starting from $407.48¬†per night, with options available for affiliate members and guests during off-peak periods.

10. Temasek Club

Temasek Club chalets stand as an exclusive retreat nestled in the heart of nature, offering a serene escape from the urban hustle. Reserved for SAF officers, Senior Military Experts, NS Key/R(NS) Appointment Holders, and retired SAF officers, these chalets are a testament to tranquillity and luxury combined. With its lush surroundings and top-notch amenities, Temasek Club is your sign to book that much-needed staycation.

What Temasek Club Offers:

  • Lush Surroundings: Each chalet sits in the midst of verdant greenery, promising a peaceful retreat from city life.
  • Luxury Amenities: Enjoy spacious rooms equipped with a bathtub, an amenity rarely found in rustic chalets, ensuring a lavish stay.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: With facilities like a swimming pool, fitness centre, and karaoke rooms, there's no shortage of entertainment for the whole family.
  • Exclusive Rates: Temasek Club members can enjoy special rates starting from $108++ for up to four people, with options available for larger groups.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: Located within this iconic reserve, the chalets offer breathtaking views and a chance to reconnect with nature.

11. Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island

Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island represents a novel concept in Singapore's chalet scene, blending eco-conscious living with the serene backdrop of Lazarus Island. As the latest addition to off-coast accommodations, these tiny houses offer a unique escape from city life, emphasizing sustainability without compromising on comfort.

What Tiny Away Escape Offers:

  • Eco-Friendly Accommodations: With only five air-conditioned tiny houses, this retreat ensures a minimal environmental footprint while providing all the modern comforts.
  • Privacy and Comfort: Each unit features tinted full-length glass panels and curtains for privacy, alongside a fully functional toilet and hot bath.
  • Ideal for Small Families or Couples: Designed to accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 kids, making it perfect for intimate getaways.
  • Amenities and Convenience: Enjoy a well-stocked mini bar and microwave, ensuring your basic needs are met with a touch of luxury.
  • Outdoor Adventure: Located on Lazarus Island, guests have the opportunity to engage in water sports like stand-up paddling and kayaking, or even rent a yacht for an exclusive exploration of the seas.
  • Pets Friendly:¬†Three of the rooms are pet-friendly so you can bring them along too!

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Chalet Stay

A chalet stay is not just a stay but an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime. Get the most out of your stay with out list of tips!

1. Plan Ahead

  • Book Early or Last Min: Many chalets offer early bird discounts.¬†On the other hand, look out for last minute availability (usually just few days before) where prices are slashed to encourage booking.¬†
  • Research Activities: Know what's available around your chalet. From water sports to nature trails, planning ahead means you won't miss out.

2. Pack Smart

  • Essentials Only: Remember, chalets often come with amenities like kitchens and BBQ grills. Bring what you need to use these facilities to the fullest.
  • Outdoor Gear: If your chalet offers access to adventure activities, bring appropriate gear. Think swimwear for beachfront properties or hiking shoes for mountain retreats.

3. Take Advantage of Amenities

  • Build Bonds Through Cooking: Chalet stays are perfect for trying out new BBQ recipes or cooking as a group to create new bonds
  • Enjoy On-Site Activities: Many chalets come with pools, sports facilities, or even private beaches. Use them!

4. Explore Local Attractions

  • Beyond the Chalet: Venture out to nearby attractions. Local parks, museums, or historical sites can enrich your stay.

5. Disconnect to Reconnect

  • Digital Detox: Take this opportunity to unplug. With so much to do, perhaps it is easier to get the kids to enjoy more offline time!¬†
  • Nature Immersion: Engage in outdoor activities. Whether it's a leisurely walk or an adventurous hike, connect with nature.

6. Document Memories

  • Capture Moments: Take photos or keep a journal. These memories will be priceless.
  • But Stay Present: While it's great to document your trip, remember to also live in the moment and enjoy the experience as it happens.

It's all about making the most of what your chosen retreat has to offer, from its amenities and activities to the natural beauty that surrounds it.


As we wrap up, it's clear that a chalet vacation offers more than just a break from the daily grind. It's an opportunity to create lasting memories, dive into new experiences, and truly disconnect to reconnect with those who matter most.



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