Dinosaur-themed Water Playground at Causeway Point

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Families can get wet and wild at the Dinosaur-themed water playground at Causeway Point. Here's what to expect! 

*Update (Feb 2024): added more details and pictures

Venue: Causeway Point, Level 7
Opening Hours: 10 am - 9 pm
Admission: Free

Located at Level 7 of Causeway Point, families who visit the mall can expect more fun and excitement at the Dinosaur-themed Water Playground with slides, splash buckets, water sprouts designed as dinosaurs and more! 


While it is not a huge playing space, we are sure the kids will definitely enjoy a visit and will be having so much fun! 

Volcano Erupting Water

The centerpiece of the playground is an Erupting Volcano that erupts with water - splashing water on the kids waiting below! You will even get to see smoke coming out of the volcano, adding to the effects! 

Just like many splash buckets at water playgrounds around Singapore, you will notice kids gathering below the splash zone, screams of laughter as the water splashes down, and kids sprinting off in unison - and repeat!  

Dinosaur Water Sprouts

For the dinosaur lovers, they can also be splashed by various water sprouts including a very cute-looking Baby T-Rex and a tall Brontosaurus too! 

Slides and Climbing Structures

Another popular play equipment is the open water slide as well as the tunnel slides. You will spot kids sliding and repeating the process over and over again!

There are also climbing structures and trampolines that kids can play on too! Do get the kids to be careful as these can get slippery due to the water. 

Washing Point and Changing

After play time, parents will be pleased to know that there is a washing point available at the play area. This is an open washing space and is more suitable for young ones or for rinsing off. You may also head into the mall to use the toilets available, these are available on your right as you exit the playground. 

Ample Seats

We also love that there are ample seats available (and shaded when we visited in the early afternoon) where parents can rest while still having a view of their children. 

As the playground is not huge, you can simply watch them from outside the wet zone, or head in and join them to play too! 

What to Bring

Bring along swim suits or suitable attire for getting wet for the kids. A towel and change of clothes for after play time too. If you are planning to join the fun, remember to bring the same for yourself.

We highly recommend coming in quick-dry attire even if you don't intend to play. Just in case you get wet too. 

Opening Hours

Opening hours are stated as 10 am - 9 pm. The playground is closed every 2nd Monday of the month for maintenance. Do note that the playground will not be open during inclement weather. 


The Dino-themed wet playground is located at Level 7 of Causeway Point. 


*All information is gathered from Causeway Point's video and photos are screenshot from the video. We will update this article when the playground officially opens. 


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