Restored Bukit Timah Railway Station Opens To Public With Heritage Gallery, Cafe and Community Spaces

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The Restored Railway Station is part of a new 4.3-hectare space for the community along the Rail Corridor.

Photo Credits: NParks

Venue: About mid-point of Rail Corridor
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: Free

Following 2-years of restoration works, the Bukit Timah Railway Station and Railway Staff Quarters has reopened to the public. Families can enjoy the heritage gallery at the old railway station and relax at the cafe inside the former staff quarters, as well as enjoy community spaces. 

Bukit Timah Railway Station Community Node

The 4.3-hectare Bukit Timah Railway Station¬†Community¬†Node is located around the midway point of the 24km-long Rail Corridor and¬†comprises two restored conserved buildings‚ÄĒthe Railway Station and Railway Staff Quarters‚ÄĒas well as newly-added amenities, gardens and lawns.¬†

The community node acts as a gallery, with salvaged historical artefacts and new educational signs installed throughout the compound, immersing visitors in the railway atmosphere and its history. 

Heritage Gallery - Bukit Timah Railway Station

Photo Credits: URA

Built in 1932, the conserved Bukit Timah Railway Station building retains its original features. The building, along with its key architectural and railway elements, has been carefully restored and repurposed as a heritage gallery for visitors to learn about its history and that of the Rail Corridor. 

Families can explore the building and discover restored elements like track switching levers, ticketing booth, and a replica of a signals diagram in the Signal Room, which former Station Masters used to control rail traffic. Outside of the building, there will be restored features such as station signs, token poles, and replicas of railway station wagons that once plied the tracks.

One useful addition are the educational signs around to educate families on the use and history of different elements. 

1932 Story Cafe - Railway Staff Quarters

Photo Credits: URA

The conserved Railway Staff Quarters, a former staff housing block, has been repurposed into a cafeŐĀ¬†with a rustic and relaxed ambience. At 1932 Story Cafe, families can¬†enjoy a selection of local and fusion fare while immersing themselves in the history and heritage of the site.¬†

Photo Credits: Cheekieonkies (Facebook)

The interior of the cafe is definitely photo-worthy and we believe many families will enjoy their time soaking in the atmosphere while enjoying their meal. The cafe is open 9 am - 9 pm daily. 

Kampung Garden, and Herb and Spice Garden

Photo Credits: NParks

Visitors can also get closer to nature with two new gardens ‚Äď Kampung Garden, and Herb and Spice Garden.

The Kampung Garden features ornamental shrubs and flowers iconic to Singapore‚Äôs 1960s landscape, such as the Bunga Raya¬†(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Peacock Flower¬†(Caesalpinia pulcherrima), and the Arabian Jasmine¬†(Jasminum sambac¬†‚ÄėArabian Nights‚Äô). The Herb and Spice Garden showcases plants like Siamese Ginger¬†(Zingiber officinale), Laksa Leaf¬†(Persicaria odorata)¬†and Chilli Padi¬†(Capsicum frutescens)¬†that were commonly used for homecooked dishes.

The Yard - Rest Area

A new sheltered Yard is a new, single-storey pavilion with a sheltered gathering space and public restrooms, featuring rustic, textured walls and a green roof which has creeping plants such as Curtain Creeper (Vernonia elliptica) and Galphimia Vine (Tristellateia australasiae), and solar panels for electricity generation.

At the front, where the sheltered gathering area is, you will find a map of the community node and an educational panel on the railway story. The rear section holds the public toilets, while mimicking timber-panelled toilets that were common in the past, are now equipped with modern fittings.

Lookout Ramp & Seating Terrace

Photo Credits: URA

The ramp and outdoor terrace allow visitors to rest, along with a view of the Railway Station building. Two tiers of outdoor seating are inlaid with actual railway track segments that serve as armrests. A footpath brings visitors to an elevated lookout for view of the surroundings.

Getting To The Bukit Timah Railway Station

Photo Credits: NParks

Families can enter the Rail Corridor from King Albert Park MRT Station. There is a new paved path that leads to the community node.

By Car: Parking is available at KAP Mall (on the same side as the entrance) or Sime Darby Centre (across the street)

By Bus: 67, 74, 77, 151, 154, 157, 170, 174, 852, 961, 961M, 970

Alight at King Albert Park MRT Station, along Bukit Timah Road (bus stop ID: 42051).

By MRT: Alight at King Albert Park MRT Station, Exit A

Upon exiting the MRT station, turn left and walk along Bukit Timah Road for 5 minutes. You will be greeted by a landscaped entrance point to lead you into the Rail Corridor.

Opening Hours

Photo Credits: Darren Soh | Photographer (Facebook)

The Rail Corridor is open 24/7. However, do note that the Rail Corridor is not lit at night to facilitate nocturnal wildlife movement. Lighting is only provided at certain access points, essential walking paths and benches leading to the public restrooms and Bukit Timah Railway Station building and Railway Staff Quarters. 

Sensitive lighting design is also employed to allow visitors to enjoy and appreciate the community node safely in the evenings, while maintaining suitable conditions for nocturnal animals. For example, warm ambient lighting is used to illuminate the two conserved buildings and only essential foot paths and benches are lit. The main Rail Corridor trail is kept unlit throughout.



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