2 New Nature Trails To Open In Clementi | Link To Rail Corridor & Jurong Lake Gardens

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A new recreational green network that consists of 18km of nature trails will be completed and open to the public from 2023, consisting of trails at Jurong and Clementi. 

Two new recreational trails at the Clementi Nature Corridor, totaling about 9km, will be progressively ready from 2023. Together with existing park connectors, the new recreational green network will consist of 18km of nature trails. 

This includes a route along the Old Jurong Line (Old Jurong Line Nature Trail) and a new Clementi Nature Trail. 

Old Jurong Line Nature Trail

Running along the Old Jurong Line, a disused railway track that ceased operations in the early 1990s, the Old Jurong Line Nature Trail will be 4km long and connects to a new 3km-long Jurong Town Hall Road Park Connector that will lead visitors to the Jurong Lake Gardens.

The Old Jurong Line Nature Trail will run along parts of the old line, including railway tracks, bridges and even running through a tunnel under Clementi Road, allowing hikers to appreciate the natural and heritage elements of the Old Jurong Line.

It will be completed in stages from 2024. Once completed, the Old Jurong Line Trail will be part of the 62km Coast-to-Coast Southern trail, which extends from Changi Beach to Tuas.

Clementi Nature Trail

The new 2km Clementi Nature Trail will run along the Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal and will connect the Rail Corridor to Ulu Pandan west, where a new nature park will be established. The trail is due to be completed in 2021. 

From Clementi Forest stream, visitors can walk along the Rail Corridor to the Ulu Pandan nature park via this new nature trail and the existing Ulu Pandan Park Connector. The park connector will allow visitors to explore the area in a complete loop. 

Here's an overview of the entire recreational green network of nature trails. 

Photo Credits: NParks


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