Things To Do at Scitech Perth | A World-Class Planetarium, Interactive Theatre Themed-Shows, Special Exhibits & More!

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Scitech Perth - A kid-friendly museum with engaging science exhibits, a world-class Planetarium, interactive innovation-themed theatre shows and more!

Location: City West Centre, Corner Railway Street & Sutherland Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6005

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30am - 4pm | Weekends & School Holidays, 10am - 5pm (closed on Christmas and Boxing Day)
General Public Ticket: From AUD$12.00 (Ticket is valid for the entire day and includes entry to the Science Centre, including access to our galleries, Planetarium and Chevron Science Theatre) | Buy ticket(s) here

Paid parking is available at City West. Scitech visitors have access to a $5 all-day parking ticket via parking machines located inside City West Centre. You can also catch the train on the Fremantle Line to City West station and walk to Scitech.

Here's a list of things to do at Scitech Perth:

1. Planetarium


Photo Credit: Destination Perth

Location: Ground Floor
Show Times*: Click here

Scitech Planetarium’s 18m mega 180-degree dome-shaped screen with 6.1 surround sound and digital projection is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy an impressive show while seated in reclining chairs, and immerse yourself in a symphony for the senses.

The world-class Planetarium features a rotating schedule of events consisting of:

  • an immersive, interactive, expert-led live show
  • a professionally produced full-dome show, updated routinely.

Scitech Planetarium shows are included in your admission ticket, but are only for those aged 4 years and above. No prams or babies in arms will be admitted.  

Events on another level:

That’s not all, the Planetarium is also home to regular after-hours and special events.

Ongoing Shows:

- Beyond Earth

Duration: 10 minutes

Explore some of the wonders of the solar system in this breathtaking show for all ages. Make patterns in the stars, fly through the rings of Saturn, visit the moons of Jupiter, and experience a sunrise like none other.

- Moonbase ONE

Duration: 45 minutes

A virtual reality games designer has built a new game, set on the Moon. But something is wrong… Could the bug be linked to the phases of the moon, or its formation? Come on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our cosmic neighbour, and learn about the behaviour, influence and importance of our magnificent Moon.

Moonbase ONE is produced by Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks, Museums Victoria.

Things to note:

- Entry to all shows is included in admission to Scitech.
- Visitors under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
- Use of mobile phones, electronic devices and photography are prohibited inside the Planetarium.
- For safety reasons, it is not possible to enter or re-enter a session after leaving. Please do not leave children unattended.
- Wheelchair accessible – space for four wheelchairs and carers.
- It's dark during shows. Ask the presenter if you need help.
- Food and drinks are not allowed.

2. Puppet Theatre Shows

Puppet theatre 1

Photo Credit: Scitech

Location: Exhibit floor, left side of WA Science Zone

Puppet Theatre is a place where 3 to 7-year-olds can make their foray into science through live theatre and storytelling.

As the story unfolds, children are encouraged to be curious and to use science inquiry skills as they help the characters with observations, predictions and solving problems.

The puppet play presents a selection of characters, both living and non-living, in a variety of scenarios – underwater, on a ship, in a curiosity shop, in the bush, or in the garden. The emphasis is on simplicity of message and interaction with the puppets and puppeteers.

Shows are 20 to 30 minutes long, and included in your Scitech admission ticket.

Ongoing Shows:

- Dino Shadows

Step back in time and learn all about the dinosaurs through light and shadows with this engaging and interactive shadow puppet theatre show.

Meet Buster the boulder and T-Rex, as they look at fossils, learn about the different dinosaurs and their different features and how those differences helped them to adapt to their environment.

- One Fine Day

Puppet theatre 2

Photo Credit: Scitech

Join Gotcha the Goanna and his friends in this interactive puppet show and learn about the different types of weather and understand how changes in the weather can affect our everyday life. 

Things to note:

-Children must be accompanied by an adult.
-Wheelchair accessible
-No food or drinks are allowed.
-Mobile phones must be on silent mode.

*Show times subject to change.

3. Science Theatre Shows

Science Theatre Shows

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Location: Exhibit floor, right side of WA Science Zone

Science Theatre shows run daily, and are performed in the Lotterywest Science Theatre. Watch the wonders of everyday science come alive in an interactive experience like no other through lively demonstrations and stimulating stories. 

The sessions are 25 minutes long, and are suitable for children aged 7 years and above. Science Theatre shows are included in your admission and do not require booking.

Ongoing Shows:

- Supercool

Let's take the temperature down to -196°C and explore the effects of temperature change on states of matter.

Discover what happens when liquids boil or freeze and how freezing can alter the properties of different solids, liquids and even gases!

Things to note:

-Wheelchair accessible
-No food or drinks are allowed.
-Mobile phones must be on silent mode.

*Show times subject to change.

4. Permanent Gallery & Special Exhibitions


Photo Credit: Scitech

Location: Exhibit floor, in the centre of the Science Centre
Recommeded age: All ages

Ongoing Exhibits:

-Explore Your World

Welcome to Scitech HQ’s permanent gallery, showcasing over 40 interactive displays, featuring the most fundamental concepts in science, technology, engineering and maths.

From the nostalgic Kinetic Contraption to the illuminating Plasma Ball and incredible Whispering Dishes, which amplify sound waves, you can explore and make sense of the world that surrounds us. One thing’s for sure – these exciting exhibits prove that Science is anything but fiction. It’s a fact – STEM breakthroughs will form the basis of our future.

- Kaartadjin Koorliny

Kaartadjin Koorliny

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Location: Exhibit floor, left from Explore Your World
Recommended age: All ages

This breathtaking gallery houses a stunning visual spectacle titled ‘Kaartadjin Koorliny’. This immersive colour experience is facilitated by moving pneumatic pipes, a perception tunnel, musical lighting that responds to body movements and much more.

Learn through collaborative discovery and open exploration. All centred around three key words:

Think: stimulate the imagination, fuel critical thinking and inspire confidence to tackle complex challenges.

Create: personalised experiences combining STEM with gaming, circuitry, data visualisation and sensory elements.

Share: spark conversation and you’re welcome to capture content to share with others.

Scitech Perth runs great exhibitions throughout the year, usually leading up to and during the school holidays. For the latest updates, visit their website here.

5. Discoverland

Discoverland 1

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Photo Credit: Scitech

Location: First floor, City West Centre
Recommended age: 0 to 6 years

Here, kids can play with hands-on exhibits that stimulate them to experiment with forces through magnets, air, water, gravity, electricity and so on. The exhibits cleverly teach the children about scientific concepts without them even realising it! Look out for the small aquarium that you can sit beneath – the glass is curved and forms an underwater cave. Other popular exhibits include a ball conveyor system, warping mirrors, as well as shadow play puppets.

Wall building

Photo Credit: Kids Around Perth

There is also and a construction site featuring the very popular wall building activity, where kids can use different angled ramps and pulleys to move foam bricks around to demolish and rebuild the brick wall! This is a permanent activity at Scitech, and is definitely a hit with the children! 

There's only one entry point so there's low chance of the young children wandering into other galleries. Pram parking is also available inside Discoverland. The centre also runs Toddlerfest, an early childhood science festival, twice a year (on February and July).

5. City Views

Location: Exhibit floor

City Views is a place to relax, refresh and recharge, affording views of the Perth skyline. This bright, open area has plenty of tables and chairs for you to sit and ponder the wonders of our Universe while having a bite to eat.

There’s a water fountain and vending machines if you need a pick-me-up during your visit. And throughout the school holidays, you’ll find a coffee cart and other food / drink pop-ups too. Shelves for bag storage are also available for use at the Zone.

6. The Visible Hive

The Visible Hive

Photo Credit: Scitech

Stop by Scitech Perth's famous indoor beehive exhibit. This fascinating specially-designed hive has a tunnel entrance to the real world outside, and you can the watch the busy bees hard at work, learn about their role(s) in nature, and find out how they make honey.

7. Discovery Shop

Take Science home by visiting the Discovery Shop, located at the exit. It stocks an exciting range of unique gifts and scientific gadgets to suit all budgets. You can find books, experiments, games, modelling kits and plenty of other fun objects. Products are updated to reflect Scitech’s feature exhibitions, and designed to enhance the learning experience.

You can also visit the Discovery Shop without a ticket of entry to Scitech.

So if you're thinking of where to bring the kiddos, Scitech Perth is a great option! Certainly a fun and educational place for BOTH the kids and adults to play AND learn together!

Tell us what do you think in the comments below! Do you already feel excited about planning a trip to Scitech Perth? And if you have ever been to Scitech Perth, do share with us your experience as well!


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