REVIEW: The Green Capsule Airplant Greenwall Workshop

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Activity ReviewedThe Green Capsule: Airplant Greenwall Workshop
Reviewer: @khee.choon

Airplant Greenwall Workshop with The Green Capsule

How about having a therapeutic time at @thegreencapsule Airplant Greenwall Workshop creating your very own living art? 🌱☘️🌿

I always thought that I'm not creative, but with the help from AG and the facilitator, I'm pretty pleased with how my artwork looks! As usual, AG is very decisive when it comes to making things.

The frame 🖼️ can be hung up or placed on a table. I placed mine on my work desk to soothe my eyes after working on my laptop. AG places his on his study desk to admire it's beauty.

I chose this workshop because it is something different from the terrariums we have made. Plus it is easy to upkeep! Watering once or twice a week and place it at a bright area (indoor or office), avoid direct sunlight of more than 3hrs to prevent it from getting burnt. That's it! ✌️

By the way, Green Capsule have Terrarium Worshops and DIY kits too! I reckon they are not only great for family/friend bonding activities, corporate events and playdates, they make great gift ideas too. You will be gifting a meaningful experience that your receiver can keep. 

Book your appointment or make your purchase at BYKidO SHOP.


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1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-143, Singapore 237994


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