REVIEW: Genius R Us: Parent-Child Baking Workshop, Pizza Bread Cup

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Activity Reviewed: Genius R Us, Parent-Child Baking Workshop @HomeTeamNS Khatib
Reviewer: Mummy Leona

I booked a Pizza Bread Cup baking session from Genius R Us using the Parent + Child Baking Workshop promotion from, for both my hubby and my 4-year-old to attend together last Sunday. Here's what went down at their first-ever parent-child baking experience:

All excited to start baking!

Additional fees apply for an accompanying adult to sit in. I did not have to pay extra for my other boy as he was too young to participate (below the recommended age of 2.5 years).

Daddy explaining the instructions to the little one at the start of the session.

First things first, weighing the bread flour using the measuring scale provided.

Then adding in sugar and yeast. 

Measuring the amount of water needed.

Mixing the bread flour, sugar, yeast and butter together, as Daddy helped to pour the water into the mixture gradually.

Mixing, and more mixing.

This was when it got FUN - kneading the dough (which is an excellent form of sensory play, as well as a great way to enhance a child's fine motor strength and control)!

While waiting for the dough to settle, my 4-year-old got busy cutting up sausages into smaller pieces, and putting them into the baking cups provided.

Here's a pic of him looking very pleased with his work :D


After the dough has settled, it was time to divide the dough, roll them into balls, and place them into the baking cups.

Thereafter, my boy got to spread some pasta sauce on the dough, and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on top.

All ready to be popped into the oven!

Into the oven they go!

Baking in progress - we could see the colour and texture changing, and the dough rising!

And ta-da! They are out, and ready to be eaten! Hmm, these freshly-baked pizza bread cups look yummy!

It's all smiles for the camera for our junior head chef, Daddy sous chef, and their spectators! :D:D

What a fun-filled, meaningful and enriching experience it has been for all of us, indeed! We look forward to attending more of such baking workshops in the near future:)

Due to the current safety measures, each child will be provided with a full set of equipment and ingredients required for the workshop.



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