Review: Exploratory Hands-on Farms Tour on the Otah & Friends Bus

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Activity Reviewed: Exploratory Hands-on Farms Tour on the Otah & Friends Bus (More Details Here)
Reviewer: Mummy Valerie and Family


The family embarked on the Otah & Friends Farm Tour on 11 Sep 2021. It’s a pretty fun experience other than the long bus ride back and forth. 

We started at 8.30 am and met our guide at Chinatown! You won't miss you shuttle bus as it is dressed up in Otah & Friends design! Once on the bus, you will also be greeted by rows of Otah cushions for you to cuddle in and to bring home!

From Chinatown, we visited the Koh Fah Technology Farm and after that Hay Dairies. The entire tour took about 4 - 5 hours and ended back at Chinatown at about 1 pm. To summarise, my kids enjoyed feeding the goats most amongst the activities, and I think they (8 yrs and 5 yrs old) are too young to understand or be interested in hydroponics plants. ūüėā Being a weekend, it was pretty crowded at both farms.

Koh Fah Technology Farm

There are lots of shoppers buying vegetables at Koh Fah Technology farm. At the farm tour, they shared with us on how they grow the vegetables and we even got to harvest some lettuce to bring home.

After the tour, Otah made a special appearance and we got to take photos with him - I believe this was only for special tours only and not for every tour. As a side activity, kids can also buy fish feeds to feed the koi. There was sufficient time to enjoy the cold aloe Vera drink and do some shopping too!

Hay Dairies

At Hay Dairies, each family was given a pack of hay and we got to feed the goats. The goats in each pen are of varying sizes, some are babies and some are taller than my son! Just have to remind the kids to watch their fingers! 

 After feeding, we also got to try the goats milk. The guide recommended that we choose chocolate flavor for the kids.

Our Tip!

Just a tip when going on the trip! Remember to bring along a few recyclable shopping bags to keep your harvested lettuce from Koh Fah Farm, any purchased veggies/produce as well as the Otah cushions too!

On the journey back to Chinatown, there was an activity where the guide shared more about Otah and his family to us. This is good for families who have not gone to any of the Otah & Friends attractions.

*Check out the other Otah & Friends attractions too.

Ticketing Details

The Exploratory Hands-on Farms Tour on the Otah & Friends Bus is exclusively available on KKday with tickets at $45 per pax. The tour happens on selected dates only. 


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