Review: Emerge Arts & Media Academy Dancing Class

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Activity Reviewed: Emerge Arts & Media Academy Dancing Trial Class 
Reviewer: @joy_janabelle

This weekend’s a little more fun and different as I brought Little Janabelle to a dance class! Out of the various dancing and singing classes available at Emerge Arts & Media Academy, she always chose dancing, which was not a surprise as she’s always wanted to try it out the most. 


At the start, Little Janabelle was a little bit stiff as she did not engage with any dancing enrichment class before. The class was really engaging with the most supportive and motivating instructor, Miss Deniece which really helped Little Janabelle open up quickly. She created cool moves, quick spins, and a whole lot of creativity in the dance. Little Janabelle managed to learn all the dance moves and build up her self-confidence.

After the lesson, we had our mother daughter time over lunch. Little Janabelle shares about what she learnt during the class! Dancing is so much fun for kids. It allows them to stay active in a fun and exciting way. 👩‍👧

Emerge Arts & Media Academy provides physical and online classes for dance, singing and musical theatre in a non-competitive, friendly manner that will surely get you hooked. Check out their website for more of their most popular on-demand courses:


📍 Emerge Arts & Media Academy
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, B1-01/02/03 Singapore 039594

📍 Emerge Arts & Media Academy
Marina Square
School of Music and The Arts (SOMA)
6 Raffles Boulevard, 03-142/143/144 Singapore 039594

☎️9276 5321 / 9783 7638


Emerge Arts & Media Academy trial classes are available at $10 for 2 classes on BYKidO. Below are the genres available. 


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