Review: Emerge Arts & Media Academy Ballet Class

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Activity Reviewed: Emerge Arts & Media Academy Ballet Trial Class 
Reviewer: @sanotastic

Little KY loves dancing and shaking to music and we have been considering to sign her up for dance classes. However, we have not done so as Little KY is a very shy kid who does not warm up easily and we are also not sure what kind of dance she likes since she dances to every music genre!

I recently chanced upon the trial ballet class with¬†Emerge Arts & Media Academy¬†and decided to sign up for Little KY. Her teacher, Ms Wu, was able to get Little KY to warm up to her quickly. The ballet lesson is very engaging for the kids as well as the lesson is conducted through fun learning ‚Äď tip-toe ‚Äúwalking‚ÄĚ, skipping and jumping! Little KY was clearly enjoying herself as I can see her genuine smile everytime she looked at me!

Emerge Arts & Media Academy also has other classes such as Singing, Musical Theatre, Ballet Jazz, Hip Hop, etc. For more information, visit 

ūüďćMarina square¬†#B1-01/02/03

Emerge Arts & Media Academy trial classes are available at $10 for 2 classes on BYKidO. Below are the genres available. 


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