REVIEW: Chamhansam Amanhong Black Ginseng Extract Stick & Chamhansam Our Baby Durably (for Kids)

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Products Reviewed: Chamhansam Amanhong Black Ginseng Extract Stick & Chamhansam Our Baby Durably (for Kids)
Reviewer: Yvonne & her 3-year-old boy, Xander

Chamhansam Amanhong Black Ginseng Extract Stick

Photo Credit: Yvonne

Happy to come across this wonder health supplement - Chamhansam Amanhong Black Ginseng Extract Stick that seems to be just what I need to maintain my sugar level and prevent diabetes (particularly with my history of gestational diabetes). It also helps to boost my energy level and immunity, which is definitely much needed (especially with my hectic working mum lifestyle).

The ginseng extract (for adults) can be consumed either on its own or with honey water, and I chose the former. It's less bitter than expected and it is pretty easy to drink since it is a watery extract. Overall, I feel more energised on days that I've taken the extract. Moreover, it doesn't cause "heatiness", as opposed to what most people might think.

Overall, it is a great product for most women, and is suitable for most teenage girls and adult women, including new mums in their confinement period, and ladies undergoing menopause. Pregnant women should nonetheless seek doctor's advice before consumption.

Chamhansam Our Baby Durably

Photo Credit: Yvonne

I gave Xander a try of the Chamhansam Our Baby Durably (the kid version of the ginseng extract). Initially, I got him to try the extract straight from the sachet, and I tasted some of it myself too. Unlike the adult version, the kid version comes in a thick liquid form and tastes very sweet - there's a tinge of sourness and no trace of bitterness.

Xander took a couple of tries of the thick liquid, and didn't want to finish the entire sachet. I then decided to pour the remaining liquid into a cup and dilute it with some water. And to my surprise, he drank the whole cup very quickly. 

When I read the instructions again, I realised that I had (indeed) missed out on the essential step of diluting the extract with water earlier on. The extract should be diluted with about 100ml of water as it contains mango and pear concentrates that serve as natural sweeteners to intentionally mask off the bitterness.


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