REVIEW: Chamhansam Vitality Black Ginseng Tonic

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Product Reviewed: Chamhansam Vitality Black Ginseng Tonic
Reviewer: Michelle (Mother of a 3-year-old toddler & 10-month-old baby)

Photo Credit: Michelle

I get asked pretty often how I'm able to handle 2 little boys, a business, house chores, cooking etc. with no helper. My answer to that is...I think we all can do it, especially with the help of an involved husband, whom I’m blessed with. But there’s no denying that it’s crazy tiring, and I usually won't be able to function too well at night if I don’t fit in a little siesta during the day. And that would cost me as I wouldn’t be able to work on my orders at night when the children are asleep.

Nonetheless, over the past week, I’ve been trying out Chamhansam Vitality Black Ginseng Tonic, and it has been helping me slightly with my energy levels and overall immunity. This Korean ginseng tonic is conveniently packaged in small sachets, perfect for busy mums like me! Made up of 6-year-old black ginseng, the ginseng are dried 9 times to get every last potent extract. The ginseng is fragrant, with a slight bitter taste and some floral notes. While I reckon the slight bitter note might be an acquired taste for some, I find it pretty pleasant to my palate.

With my energy levels improving, I’m better able to focus on the important things such as, preparing dinner, working on my orders, spending more time with my family, and being more present with my son, Levi (instead of feeling fatigued and "zoned out" while playing with him).

I’m thankful for such a beneficial health supplement product in the market. This Korean ginseng tonic is also suitable for breastfeeding mummies (and even for those in their confinement period). 


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