DIY Tote Bag Design Workshop with MuzArt!

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Activity Reviewed: DIY Tote Bag Design Workshop
Reviewer: MuzArt Singapore with Cheekiemonkies

This month's Art Workshop is called a DIY ( Do it yourself) Tote Bag design for children to enjoy. DIY Tote Bag Design Workshop is an exciting activity that gives way to art expression and illustration on a piece of usable plain canvas tote bags.

Materials Needed:

  • Markers: Acrylic Paint Markers & Fabric Markers
  • Plain Canvas Tote Bag

The teachers from MuzArt provided a few guidelines to our students through safe distancing mentoring.

Alethea, one of the creative MuzArtist, had a wonderful experience with DIY Tote Bag Design Workshop. In this workshop, she learned unique techniques for drawing designs on a plain tote bag canvas using acrylic paint and fabric markers.

She enjoyed everything about the drawing, from simple design to intricate details. In addition, she also learned to cherish and integrate her Peranakan culture through the floral elements she used in her tote bag. Lastly, she did an elegant style by complimenting her work with various colors on the background to accentuate the flowers' graphics.

Fantastic Work, Alethea!

Join the MuzArt’s DIY Totebag Bag Design Workshop and encounter the thrill of integrating your culture and history with your artwork!


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