5 Reasons Families Should Visit Rainbow Village & Grandpa Rainbow in Taichung

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Located about a 2-hour drive from Taipei City, Taichung City is a popular family destination because of its myriad of rich cultures and stories.

For parents planning to visit Taichung, Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) is often a must-visit tourist attraction to weave into the itinerary. Did you know that this vibrant Rainbow Village was once a drab housing area due to be torn down by the Taiwan Government?

5 Reasons Families Should Visit Rainbow Village & Grandpa Rainbow in Taichung
Step into the bold and colourful Rainbow Village with your kids when you visit Taichung.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take your kids to Rainbow Village:

#1: Let your children be WOW-ed by the psychedelic drawings

Thanks to a veteran soldier - Mr. Huang Yung-fu nicknamed Grandpa Rainbow (彩虹爺爺) – the superhero who ingeniously doodled and painted the entire village with splashes of colours. Originally a housing complex for military families who immigrated to Taiwan, Grandpa Rainbow started drawing people, dolls, animals and created this inspiring work of art to save it from being bulldozed away. When visiting with your kids, explore the different nooks and crannies of the colourful Rainbow Village and soak in art appreciation together! Pique their creative storytelling juices and listen to their imagination as their eyes and minds go on an adventure.

#2: Meet Grandpa Rainbow

Grandpa Rainbow is usually at the village, minding his little art area which is filled with unique self-designed souvenirs put up for purchase. He may be well in his 90’s, this affable gentleman shows tenacity and strength in what he has done, and how he has been protecting and promoting Rainbow Village in Taichung. Don’t forget to say “你好!” (“Hello” in Mandarin) to Rainbow Village’s changemaker, have a chat with him and snag a photo together!

#3: Kids can play in the free open space at Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is not entirely a village per se - there are only a few houses in the area. When we visited, there was also a playground surrounded by sand along with a hopscotch, offering some extra fun for children and the young-at-heart. For safety reasons, do ensure your kids are within sight as there is an open-space public carpark at Rainbow Village.

5 Reasons Families Should Visit Rainbow Village & Grandpa Rainbow in Taichung
Just my little girl and I saying ‘Cheese” with the Rainbow Iron Man!

#4: Dance with the Rainbow Iron Man

You certainly would not miss the other star - Rainbow Iron Man. This street artist is known to be there, rain or shine. If you and/or your kids are Avenger fans, look out for this man donning the Iron Man mask AND decked in an outfit that looks like a piece of the colourful Rainbow Village. While serenading tourists and visitors with his crooning, Rainbow Iron Man is always game for a photo or two too.

#5: Teach your kids valuable lessons

Behind the spectacular colours of Rainbow Village, there lies a story waiting to be told. Take this chance to share with your children how the village transformed into what it is today; credits to a determined old man who fought to turn things around. Besides the visual aesthetics those little eyes see, it is helpful to talk to them about the reasons behind why and how things happen. After all, learning and fuelling their thirst for knowledge can take place even on a family holiday.

BYKidO travel tips: Visit Rainbow Village on a weekday as the place tends to get crowded over the weekends.

Location: No.56, Chun'an Road, Nantun District, Taichung 408, Taiwan
Date: opens all year round
Hour: 9am – 6pm
Admission: FREE

How to get to Rainbow Village in Taichung

From Taichung Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) Station to Rainbow Village

By Taxi: The ride costs about 160-200NTD.

By Bus: Bus #26-70-99, direction Lingtung University. Stop at Nantun Tongan House (南屯同安厝); likely the 10th stop from the THSR station). Walk about 240m along Lane 19, Zhongyong Rd to arrive at Rainbow Village.

Bus #655 connects Rainbow Village with XinWuri Rail Station (adjacent to Taichung THSR Station) and Gaomei Wetlands. This travel option is only available on weekends, public holidays, summer and winter school vacations.

From Taichung Main Railway Station to Rainbow Village

By Taxi: The ride costs about 260-300NTD.

By Bus: Bus #27-29-30-40, direction Lingtung University. Stop at Lingtung University (嶺東科技大學(嶺東路)). Then, walk about 400m to the South along Lingtung Rd. You will see Rainbow Village on the right. Also, bus #56 and #89, start their route at the North side of Lingtung University (Yongchun Road) and goes to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the city centre.

*Route details: source

This family travel article was written with reference to our Taiwan holiday adventures chronicled here.



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