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9 Farms In Singapore You Didn’t Know Existed To Visit During The Weekend

This article was produced by Shopee (Credit: Hay Dairies / Facebook) Growing up in an urban city like Singapore often deprives us of the simple pleasures of enjoying the slower-paced nature of our environment. Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle? Why not head down to your local farm for a countryside adventure! Bask in the sun, interact with the animals and buy some fresh produce at these 9 farms in Singapore you never knew existed. Ever Heard Of These Farms In Singapore? Bollywood Veggies No farms in Singapore list is complete without Bollywood Veggies. Pegging itself as Paradise On Earth, Bollywood Veggies is perfect for a lazy weekend retreat away from the bustle of city life! With a splendid...

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7 Creative Workshops in Singapore for Mummies and Daddies to Check Out for Your Next Date

Candlelight dinners and tear-jerker films are not the only things you can plan for a date with your loved ones. Singapore has plenty of curious workshops, ranging from artsy to deco, providing an unconventional way to bond with your spouse! Leave your little ones to their carers (or send them to a kids-oriented workshop as well!) and head out with your partners for a little avant-garde experience at these 7 creative workshops! 1. Perfume Workshop | Jet’aime Photo credits Perfume Workshop Singapore You’re probably already aware that good smells make us happy. From a bouquet of flowers to scented candles, smelling something good will lift up your spirits and put you in a good mood, which is probably why we...

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14 Free Outdoor Playgrounds in the East for Your Tots’ Playtime

You’ve probably seen our list of outdoor playgrounds in the north, now it’s time for the east! While it may not have as many quirky structures as the north, the east does has its own watermelons, mangosteens and bumboat. Whether you’re an eastsider looking for a new spot for your little ones’ playtime or you’re visiting the east with your little ones, here’s a list of 14 free outdoor playgrounds in the east to check out! 1. Pasir Ris Park Playground Photo credits National Parks Location 110 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519113 Operating hours Daily: 24 hrs With Pasir Ris Park’s playground being one of the largest in Singapore, it is worth taking a trip for even if you live...

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10 Easy and Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Better Than Buying

Are you rolling your head thinking about a Halloween costume for your kids? To buy or not to buy? Of course, you do have the option of renting a costume but then there’s your little one standing next to the Bumble Bee costume with a sullen face that screams no. Worry not, let us inspire you with these 10 creative Halloween costumes that you can do at home with little to no effort! And you get to make precious memories building a costume together! That’s a 2 for 1 deal! 1. Dragon Items Needed: Cloth, sweatshirt, hanger Photo credits Tried and True Apparently, hard scales are not mandatory for transforming into the mythical dragon, soft sweatshirts will do just as...

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SweetEscape is Here #ForEvery Moment!

SweetEscape is Here #ForEvery Moment! SweetEscape is at the forefront of the increasingly dynamic travel and photography industry.  This article is produced by SweetEscape. We firmly believe that life is shaped by moments, and moments are not created only while you're going on a holiday, but also the ordinary, everyday ones. Knowing that SweetEscape is now available to capture your every moment, from the big ones to the little ones. From weddings, new-borns, birthdays, proposals, engagements, pre-weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, to family moments and gatherings, we are here to capture every moment and turn them into great photos. David Soong, the CEO, and Founder of SweetEscape said that there are so many precious moments in our lives that...

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