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National Library Building and Libraries to Re-Open on 1st July 2020

The National Library Building, the National Archives of Singapore building, 25 public libraries and the Former Ford Factory will reopen to the public on 1 July 2020. Photo Credits: The National Library Board announce that the National Library Building, the National Archives of Singapore building, 25 public libraries, and the Former Ford Factory will reopen to the public on 1 July 2020 with shorter opening hours and capacity controls in place. Shorter Opening Hours The National Library, public libraries and the National Archives of Singapore will operate with shorter opening hours from 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. daily until further notice, while the Former Ford Factory will open from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Borrow and Go / Capacity Control Libraries will...

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Where to Buy Reusable Masks for Your Children With a Discount!

Hand-woven masks that your kids will want to wear and promo codes so that you can make some savings as well! Wearing face masks has been mandatory for a while now and while surgical masks might make for better protection, we’re encouraged to use re-usable masks as supplies are low. And since it looks like wearing masks is becoming the new norm for everyone, including little kids above 2 years old, why not get a stylish mask to complete your #ootd! Here are 4 places you can buy stylish reusable masks for your children (and yourself) and promo codes to make some savings while you’re at it! 1. Sew and Sparkles (@sewandsparkles) Source: Sew and Sparkles/Instagram Promo code: BYKIDOFRENS –...

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Dragon Boat Festival 2020: 5 Places to Get Your Rice Dumplings Delivered in Singapore

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dumpling Festival with a feast of wrapped rice dumplings this year! According to legends, long long ago, a loyal Chinese official threw himself into the river when the Chu capital was captured by Qin. The local fishermen who raced out in their boats to save him were too late. So, in the hopes that his body will not be consumed by the man-eating fish, they threw in cooked rice wrapped in leaves. This event brought about the Dragon Boat Festival and the eating of dumplings during the festival. While we can’t really beat our oars in a race, we can at least celebrate by indulging ourselves in delicious rice dumplings! Here...

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GE2020 Polling Day: Is It A Public Holiday? Can We Bring Our Kids Along?

Singaporeans will go to the Polls on Friday, July 10, 2020. For parents who are keen to know - Yes, it is a Public Holiday! We do not usually write about politics but we thought you might be keen to know if polling day is a Public Holiday. Or whether you can bring your kid along. We compiled a list of questions that parents may be interested to know about Polling Day.  Polling Day = Public Holiday To facilitate the voting process, Polling Day, 10th July 2020, will be a public holiday. This means, no work for you and no school for the kids.  Kids will also be on the new term break on 20th July (in case you forgot)....

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Museums to Reopen on 26 June 2020 | Singapore Phase 2 Reopening

Museums will reopen on 26 June 2020 and heritage centres on July 3 according to the National Heritage Board. Photo Credits: National Museum of Singapore The Asian Civilisations Museum, the National Museum of Singapore, and the National Gallery Singapore will reopen on 26 June 2020, while the Malay Heritage Centre, Indian Heritage Centre, and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall will do so a week later on 3 July.  Safety Measures Operating capacity will be reduce to 25% of the venue, and visitors will be limited to groups of 5 people with a safe distance of 1m between each group.  SafeEntry Check-ins and outs, temperature taking and masks will be required by all visitors and employees.  Children Exhibits to Remain...

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