What's Daddy! Follow The Journeys Of Children As They Visit Their Daddies Working Overseas!

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What's Daddy! is a Japanese documentary-style variety show that follows the journeys of children who spring surprise visits on their fathers working overseas!

We recently had the privilege of reviewing a heartwarming Japanese entertainment show, What's Daddy! that follows Japanese children as they travel the world (often by themselves or with just a guide) to join their fathers working overseas to get a glimpse of what their fathers' lives are and what their jobs entail.

Aww... The Many Heartwarming Moments

Many Japanese fathers work overseas by themselves, and their families are only able to visit them occasionally or they may only go back once in a few months or years. In this show, you will follow the journeys of children who travel overseas, often by themselves, to surprise their fathers in these foreign lands.

In the 2 episodes that we reviewed, the children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, traveled to far flung cities in Morocco, Kenya, Vietnam and Amsterdam. While you will get a glimpse into the interesting jobs around the world through the show, the main draw of the show will be the many heartwarming moments as the children overcome obstacles to meet their fathers.

Smiles and Tears - Onscreen and Offscreen

In one particular episode, we watch a 10 year old girl travel to Hanoi to meet her father to only realise that he has gone to an outskirt town. As she rushed to the train station, you can see (and feel) her sadness when she arrives too late.

The episode continues with her waking up early to purchase ingredients to prepare her father's favourite dish, before embarking on the train ride to meet her father. When they finally meet, there were lots of smiles and tears both onscreen and offscreen. She spends the rest of the day preparing her father's favourite gyozas and as he teared with each bite, so did my eyes turn moist. 

The episode ended with the father-daughter pair saying goodbye at the airport, and I was filled with emotions watching the daughter cry as she can't bear to leave. 

Similarly for each journey that was shared, I can't help but smile with the family when the fathers and children meet, and have moist eyes when they have to bid farewell a few days after. 

What's Daddy! - Episodes

Each episode is about 40mins long and features 2 stories. In each story, you will follow the child's journey from Japan to the country their father is in, watch them get reunited, see them spend a day together before the child returns to Japan. 

Catch It On meWATCH

The show is currently only airing on KC Global Media's channel, GEM which is available on pay-TV channels.  However, from 15 Sep 2021 onwards, GEM will be accessible on-demand via meWATCH as the Animax+GEM package. 

You may subscribe to the Animax+GEM package from just $1.99/month or $13.99/year via the meWATCH app from 15 Sep 2021.

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