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Thinking of ways to keep your children entertained throughout the rest of the June holidays? Here's how you can with IKEA's "Welcome To Their World" children's campaign!

Photo Credit: IKEA

The aim of the campaign is to encourage us parents to see things through the eyes of our children, and the schedule-freeing June holidays are a prime opportunity to create fun memories and boundless experiences as a family through the simple act of play.

Photo Credit: IKEA

Moreover, reinvigorating and refreshing the way we parents play with our children creates new opportunities and experiences for them to learn about the world around them, piquing their curiosity and allowing their imagination to run wild.

Here are some fun and interesting ways/activities to keep the children occupied and engaged with IKEA's "Welcome To Their World" campaign:

1. Create Spontaneous Opportunities For Play

Photo Credit: IKEA

At IKEA, the belief is that the home is life’s premier playground. The right tools at the right times can open a variety of possibilities for children - allowing them to relate to their world in ways you’d never think possible.

Help your child unleash their inner master chef! Learn about the intricacies of cooking by preparing a scrumptious feast with the DUKTIG play kitchen @$159, or organize creative pizza bake-offs with your child with the DUKTIG 24-piece pizza set @$12.90.

Photo Credit: IKEA

Want to re-enact a scene from Jurassic Park with your child? The JÄTTELIK soft toy @$9.90 is perfect for the role! Build volcanoes with blankets, or massive fortresses with pillows - anything’s possible when it comes to props.

2. Get Moving!

Photo Credit: IKEA

Physical activity helps to give everyone involved a huge boost in energy and happiness (thanks endorphins!). That’s the power of play - where getting physical recharges rather than reduces.

Sometimes, you can’t beat an old-school game when it comes to play. After all, games such as Hide-and-Seek and hopscotch never get old to keep moving and engage your children.

But what if you are limited by space and want to take the outdoors, indoors? Roll, tumble, and frolic with your kid with the PLUFSIG folding gym mat @$39.00 - the perfect portable replacement for a lush, green field out in the open. Whether it’s used as a platform for somersaults, or a stage that lets you and your kid bring mystical fairytale characters to life through role-play, the possibilities are endless.

3. Create Bonding Opportunities With Challenges

Photo Credit: IKEA

Get cracking with your children and introduce interesting challenges that get you competing or collaborating, allowing you to bond with them in the process.

Want to see who can create the most beautiful piece of art? Take it up a notch with the LUSTIGT 7-piece weaving loom set @$19.90, or craft uniquely colourful designs and jewellery with the PYSSLA beads @$9.90.

Photo Credit: IKEA

The simple use of pen and paper can also open up a wide variety of challenges that engage both you and your children. Use the MÅLA felt-tip pen @$2.90 to out colour your children in timed colouring challenges on JÄTTELIK colouring paper @$9.90, or draw brain-teasing memory games using cards made out of MÅLA paper @$9.90.

There are endless possibilities in the realm of play - this enables new situations and opportunities every day for your child to engage with the world around them. So don’t let the rest of the June holidays go to waste without proper play with your children - IKEA is here to help!

To find out more about IKEA’s children’s campaign, “Welcome To Their World”, you may visit the website here.


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