UNIQLO Launches Quality Winter-Friendly Wear For Your Upcoming Family Holiday!

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UNIQLO has innovated their everyday clothing through technologies, all designed to give you a warm and comfortable winter.

Guided by their philosophy of LifeWear and making everyday clothing better for all, UNIQLO is committed to constantly evolving and innovating to turn everyday, simple clothing into Masterpieces.

Here are some of UNIQLO’s Masterpieces, suited for your winter travels: 

For Kids

Ultra Light Down Jacket (For Kids)

The Ultra Light Down Jacket (for Kids) has reduced in weight, while having approximately 10% more down than last year's model, making for an even warmer wear. It features a removable hood and a chin guard to prevent the zipper from hitting the face. Another thoughtful inclusion is a name tag to prevent others from taking it by accident.

Warm Padded Washable Parka (For Kids)

For everyday attire, kids like to wear something lightweight and comfortable. Parents want them to wear something that's easy to clean. UNIQLO sought to make the ideal parka that satisfies both, and is soft and warm.

Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-Zip Long Sleeve Jacket (For Kids)

UNIQLO has always pursued the softest feeling material, and now the brand has added the challenge to recycled materials. Starting this season, UNIQLO has switched to manufacturing with polyester made from recycled PET plastics. This item is a driving force in UNIQLO’s sustainability movement. 

Ultra Stretch Long Sleeve Sweat Set (For Kids)

UNIQLO developed Ultra Stretch fabric that's 95% natural cotton but does a great job of stretching and returning to its original shape. The moderate thickness means your child can wear it like a T-shirt year-round, even in Singapore’s rainy weather.

For Adults

Ultra Light Down Jacket (For Men & Women)

The secret to this jacket's surprising lightness is in the special fabric. By double-layering without down packing and the use of premium down, we were able to achieve an ultra thin compact jacket, made with specialised material that is woven from high-density nylon thread - a tenth of the thickness of a strand of hair. This ultra-light down is of high quality, at a count of over 750 in terms of Fill Power. Because of the use of premium down, the jacket stays thoroughly warm despite how light it is.

In addition, the golden ratio of 90% down to 10% feathers is used to maximise warmth. A pouch is also attached for storage, making it easy to pack and carry.

Ultra Stretch Long Sleeve Sweat Set (For Men & Women)

Match with your kid in comfort. Perfect to lounge in all year round and a perfect travel companion - offering the utmost comfort for your body to get a good night’s rest after a long day of exploring new places. 

3D Knit Cashmere Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater (For Women)

Photo Credits: UNIQLO Singapore

Starting this season, the entirety of the piece is crafted by machine using WHOLEGARMENT knitting, adding to its dimensionality. The lack of seams makes the sweater to be thinner and fluffier than ever, hence easy to contour and fit various body shapes while offering greater comfort - perfect for those with packed travel itineraries!

The cuffs, hemline, and collar are made using a different thickness of yarn than the body, thus ensuring that the sweater is stretch-resistant and firm.

The sweater is also made to be resistant to pilling, making it handwashable. Additionally, it features a wide range of colours, from natural and elegant colours inspired by raw cashmere wool to trendy seasonal colours.


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