UNIQLO Has Launched The Second Instalment Of Its SPY x FAMILY UT Collection

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Look forward to exciting portrayals of the characters, such as Anya and Bond, as well as Kids' items that allow parents and children to enjoy the UTs together.

About The Latest SPY x FAMILY UT Collection

Since end November 2022, UNIQLO has released the second instalment of its SPY x FAMILY UT Collection, as part of its collaboration with the SPY x FAMILY anime series.

This latest instalment in the collection echoes the excitement building around the highly anticipated second season of the anime airing from October 2022.

Designs Featuring SPY x FAMILY's Anya & Bond

Designs featuring Anya, one of the most popular characters in the first release, are humorously depicted through surprised face, mischievous face, crying face, and various other expressions. The family dog Bond, adopted by the Forgers and possessing the ability to glimpse the future, appears for the first time.

The portrayal of the characters, including stitched designs on the chest, and combinations with Anya, is sure to delight fans. The body colours are pale tones that parents and children can coordinate to enjoy together.

Here's taking a closer look at what you and your little ones can look forward to from this collection:


Price: $19.90


Price: $14.90

Photo Credits: UNIQLO Singapore


The full collection will be available online and at all UNIQLO stores.

For more information, you may visit the special site on the collection.


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