The LEGO Group To Release New LEGO Friends Sets From 1 January 2023!

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The new sets and series will feature LEGO Friends characters that are more representative of the world to enable more children to feel represented during play.

Launch Of New LEGO Friends Sets

A decade on from the launch of LEGO Friends, the LEGO Group has re-imagined the Friends Universe designed to celebrate diverse friendships in the modern world.

The brand-new universe of authentic, interesting, passionate, and diverse characters includes additions of multiple skin tones, cultures, physical and non-visible disabilities, and neurodiversity. The new sets and series will feature characters with limb difference, Down Syndrome, anxiety, vitiligo, and a dog with a wheelchair.

The re-imagined LEGO Friends Universe aims to help kids become better friends to themselves and others while providing emotional and social development through play, to help them better understand individuality, diversity, and the modern world.

Here's taking a closer look at the full line-up of new LEGO Friends sets that your children can look forward to:

41724 Paisley’s House (SGD 69.90)

41727 Dog Rescue Center (SGD 89.90)

41728 Heartlake Downtown Diner (SGD 44.90)

41730 Autumn’s House (SGD 119.90)

41731 Heartlake International School (SGD 159.90)

Photo Credits: The LEGO Group


The new LEGO Friends sets will be available from 1 January 2023 across LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, as well as major retailers and department stores in Singapore.

New LEGO Friends TV Series To Be Released

A LEGO Friends TV special is also due to air in February 2023 ‚Äď kicking off the new TV series!


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