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Activity Sheets for Babies, Toddlers and Kids | Keeping Boredom at Bay

Free Printable Educational Worksheets, Coloring Sheets, and more! Just print to provide the little ones with an activity to keep them entertained! Slide some activity sheets to your little ones and you’ll easily be able to keep them busy for hours. Not only does it entertain kids, but it also helps to expand their minds! You can get a variety of activity books, from coloring to ‘Where’s Wally?’ at bookstores or you can save some dollars by printing them off the internet! Here are some activity sheets to get you started! 1. Printables Featuring Local Flora & Fauna   Pop into NParks’ website for a treasury of fun worksheets featuring our local flora and fauna! With activity sheets like Counting...

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7 Pretty Places in Singapore for a Hanami Party with Your Family

The iconic sight of cherry blossom trees lined-up across the walkways in Japan blooming with the bright springtime blooms may be out of reach for our eyes at the moment but who said we can’t have a hanami (flower-viewing) party in Singapore instead? Things you’ll need for a hanami party: A flight ticket to Japan A scenic spot Snacks and munchies to indulge in while enjoying the scenery You get the snacks and munchies, and we’ll get the scenic spot covered! Here are 7 pretty places in Singapore where you can have your next hanami party! 1. Jurong Lake Gardens Location: Jurong Lake Gardens, 104 Yuan Ching Road Singapore 618665 Operating hours: 24 hrs/daily Admission: Free Source: Jurong Lake Gardens...

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7 Cool Science Experiments to Try at Home with Your Tots | Easy, Simple and Do-able!

Source: Laurence Dutton/Imagebank/Getty via The Irish Times Here are 7 fun and easy science experiments you can conduct with your kids in the comfort of your home! So, whip out your lab coats (aprons would do just fine as well) and get cracking! 1. Invisible Ink Difficulty level: Easy Mess level: Low You will need: Lemon, water, teaspoon, saucer, cotton bud, white paper, and lamp If your little ones ever need to send a secret missive to their friends or you, this one will come in handy. Source: Steemit/bluepanda Squeeze the lemon juice into a saucer and add in a few drops of water, mixing well with a spoon. Dip a cotton bud into the mixture and write your message...

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7 Immunity Boosting Ingredients and Recipes to Prepare with the Kids at Home | Home Activities for Families

Keeping the kids healthy is always on the mind of every parent. What if we can combine a fun family activity with boosting the immunity of our little ones?   We have prepared a list of 7 recipes using immunity boosting ingredients that you may prepare with love while having fun together as a family!  Almond- Cherry Bars Why: Almonds contain vitamin E and manganese, both of which are immunity-boosting nutrients. These Almond- Cherry bars will be the perfect healthy snack for the whole family! Difficulty: Easy, 15 mins preparation time  Kids can help with: preparing the ingredients, mixing and pouring, and cutting into bite-sized bars Get the recipe here.  Triple- Berry Popsicle Why: Berries are full of anti-oxidants, an excellent source...

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25 Kid-friendly Series and Movies to Chill Out & Watch at Home

The great outdoors where the sun shines, the wind blows and there’s great space for your little ones to run free is great and all but sometimes going out is not an option, whether by choice or by need. For those days, here’s our pick of movies and series to chill out and watch! Netflix 1. True and the Rainbow Kingdom Source: Netflix Duration: 24 min Episodes/Season: 19 episodes / 3 seasons Suitable for: 3 years and up True and the Rainbow Kingdom premiered on Netflix in 2017 and it follows True and her best friend Bartleby the Cat as they go around helping the quirky residents of the colorful and whimsical Rainbow Kingdom. Source: Netflix 2. Dragons: Rescue Riders...

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