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6 Parks Around the World You Can Hike Virtually with Your Kids

Thanks to the evolution of technology, life has become so much easier. Not only do we get to access information at our fingertips, but we also get to travel the world with just a few taps from our couch. Forget about getting your kids to put on a jacket or getting them to put right feet in the right shoe, here are 6 parks around the world you can hike virtually with your kids! 1. Hang Sơn Đoòng | Vietnam Source: National Geographic Hike: Hang Sơn Đoòng Hang Son Doong, situated within the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park in Vietnam, is the world’s largest natural cave. To preserve the cave as it is before tourism developments greatly alter its untouched...

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9 Places with Storytime Videos for Kids to Watch before Bedtime

Bedtime stories, a tradition in many families, are a great way to not only bond with your little ones and allow them to relax their mind, but it also stimulates their imagination and improves their literacy. You can pick a book of your choice, snuggle up with your little ones and start reading together. You can even switch it up with an ebook or even stream a video of a storytelling session (which are even great when you have to wash the dishes in the afternoon and can’t sit and read with your kids)! Here are 9 places where you can stream storytelling videos for your little ones! 1. World Book Day Source: World Book Day Under The Big Little...

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5 Board Games You can Make at Home

Source: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash When you’re stuck at home for days on end, constantly drawing butterflies and making homemade volcanoes erupt can get boring. And while board games are a great source of entertainment for the whole family, they don’t exactly come cheap. This is why we bring you this list of 5 board games you can make with your kids with things at home! 1. Checkers Source: Grey House Harbor/Project Nursery A classic game, checkers is incredibly simple to make. If you follow these instructions by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational, all you’ll need are some plastic bottle caps, colored cardstock, poster board, and sticker paper. For a bit more quirky fun, you can even try your hand at making...

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5 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do at Home with Google

Thanks to Google, you can access a vast amount of information with just a few taps, from places to visit in Japan to find out how many toes a rhinoceros has, and life has become much easier. But there’s more to Google than just that. And there isn’t a better time to explore all of them than now when you’re holed up at home with your little ones! 1. Learn at Home with YouTube Source: YouTube With a horde of funny videos to bring smiles to your face, music videos to sing and dance along to, cartoons to keep the little ones distracted, and much more, YouTube is, without a doubt, a great source of entertainment. But did you know...

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Free, Fun and Educational Online Resources To Do At Home | Dealing With COVID-19

Source: McKaela Lee/Unsplash Free online games, activities, ideas for craftworks, fun facts, and much more to keep your kids entertained while they’re stuck indoors! Imagine, the dishes are piling up, the laundry basket is overflowing and your kids are nagging at you to go out and play but you can’t do that because you’re asked to stay home due to the COVID-19 situation. How are you going to survive? For you, here’s a list of links that will help you to continue making memories with your little ones at home, allow them to pick up a new skill or knowledge and keep them occupied while you finish your chores! Best of all, most of the activities are free! Draw a...

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