Singapore Public Holidays 2019: Your Gateway to Enjoying Long Weekends

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Singapore Public Holidays 2019: Your Gateway to Enjoying Long Weekends

From the 11 gazetted public holidays in 2019, you can expect to enjoy 4 long weekends. Only 4 in 12 months? Before you start despairing, we’ll let you in on a little secret.

There may just be 4 long weekends but with a little DIY, you can treat yourself to several long weekends of some me-time, couple-time or family-time, as you wish.

Guide to Long Weekends in 2019

Singapore Public Holidays 2019: Your Gateway to Enjoying Long Weekends


And here are some ways you can spend your well-deserved holidays:

1. Go on a Short Family Getaway

Check out these 6 Short Family-Friendly Getaways from Singapore, whether you want to simply put your feet up or bring your little ones on a short adventure away from home, we’ve got you covered.

2. Chill Out at an Indoor Playground

Take a breather from sweating out in the sun and swing by an indoor playground instead. Here are 5 Themed Indoor Playgrounds to Visit with Your Little Ones or you could take a pick from our mega List of Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore.

3. Playground Hop

Or you know, if you rather sweat out in the sun, Singapore is not lacking in outdoor playgrounds. There are so many different kinds, from ships to trains. Explore the many playgrounds with the guide of our List of Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore and you can let us know if you agree with our 10 Best Outdoor Playgrounds.

4. Embark on a Historical Adventure

Set off to uncover the secrets of Singapore’s past with these 10 Fascinating Heritage Trails, it may just be an eye-opening experience.

5. Dine Out with the Family

    If you’re wondering if there is anywhere you can bring your little ones to for a peaceful meal, we’ve got not one but 10 Best Kids-Friendly Restaurants for you. From munching to entertainment it’s got all your moppets’ need covered. And if you’re worried about the excessive costs of eating out, why worry when you have this list of 7 Places Kids Eat for Free

    6. Donate a Little of Your Time to Volunteer

    Instil positive habits and values in your little ones by volunteering with them from a young age. Here are 5 Places to Volunteer at in Singapore with Your Little Ones.

    7. Spend an Afternoon Indoors

    No one said you have to go out on your days off. You can stay at home and it doesn’t have to be boring. Find your inspiration from our List of Indoor Activities to do With Your Little Ones.

    And if you need more ideas to Bring Your Kid Out, you’ll never run out of them at 5 Things to do and Places to go with Kids this weekend in Singapore. You could also keep up to speed with family-friendly events and activities via our free app.


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