Singapore Centre For Chinese Language Launches New Christmas Picture Book, Santa’s Red Headscarf

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The Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) has recently released its newest Christmas picture book, Santa’s Red Headscarf.

The launch of Santa's Red Headscarf, a new Christmas Picture Book, was held on 12 December 2021 by SCCL at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

Every December, since 2019, SCCL publishes a Christmas picture book with Singaporean local themes, including titles like Where is the Chimney, Santa's Flip-Flops and this year's Santa's Red Headscarf.

Santa's Red Headscarf

Photo Credits: Singapore Centre For Chinese Language

About The Story

Santa Claus comes to Singapore again this year. On his way flying here, a gust blows his hat away. Without his hat, he will not look like Santa Claus ... Just then, Santa Claus receives a gift from a mysterious old granny. Do you want to know what’s the present? This story links the uniquely Singapore Samsui women's red headscarf with Santa Claus's red hat where Santa himself guides children through the Samsui women's history.

The story carries a typical Singaporean cultural theme. The scenes in the story depict the familiar local environment and the characters possess the unique cultural traits of tropical Singapore.

Linking Santa To Our History

Unlike adults, children do not have a distinctive perception of time. "Present, past, future" are a very vague concept for preschool children. As such, "history" is rarely portrayed in preschool picture books. Even when it is, "history" is never presented as an exciting topic. This picture book is a welcome exception. 

In this picture book, the author connects a part of Singapore history with modern Singapore by linking Santa's red hat to Samsui women's red headscarf. Utilizing such a link, the author subtly tells the children the history of the Samsui women, a history unique to Singapore.


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