Silent Disco for Kids and Families in Singapore

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Silent Disco Asia are known for their late-night raucous parties, but their home party packages are suitable for all ages!

There could be Disney anthems on the green channel, EDM bangers on the red channel, and top 40 pop music on the blue channel ‚Äď there‚Äôs something for the whole family to dance to!

Silent Disco for Kids and Families in Singapore

Silent Disco Asia’s headphone home party is easy to book and comes with everything you need to create a mini disco at home. You simply choose the number of headphones you want (with a minimum order of 5) and then choose which added extras you need. 

You can order a curated mix for each of the three channels, or play your own through iTunes or Spotify and battle against your family and friends to see who has the best taste in music! Optional extras for the full party experience include disco lights and smoke machines! If you have small children then headphone re-sizers are provided to ensure a snug fit.

Silent Disco for Kids and Families in Singapore

If you’re more of a movie fan there is also the option of hosting an amazing Silent Cinema experience in your home or garden. The package includes a high powered projector and a 300-inch screen to give you a Gold Class experience.

Whatever you choose they will deliver the equipment to your door in a self-contained box. All equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before delivery and antibacterial wipes will be included free of charge.

Silent Disco Home Party Packages

Build your home party package by choosing the number of headphones you will need and playback devices if you need them to provide for you. You can curate your own playlist or opt to get 3 separate mixes that will represent the sounds of RED x BLUE x GREEN DJs that will be yours to keep after the event.

If you want to liven up your Silent Disco party, you can also add-on disco lights to your package. 

Price Guide

  • Headphones: $30/set
  • ¬†Playback devices: $30 each
  • ¬†3 x Silent Disco 2 hr playlist: $30
  • ¬†Disco lights (basic): $200
  • ¬†Disco lights (pro): $450

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