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Under the Gardening with Edibles initiative launched by the National Parks Board (NParks), interested households will be able to receive free packets of seeds to grow their own vegetables at home.

Interested households may collect free seed packets from NParks as part of the Gardening with Edibles initiative aligned with Singapore's national strategy to stregthen our food resilience. 

Seed Types

NParks - Gardening With Edibles Initiative

You sign-up to receive 2 species of vegetables and began your family's gardening journey! Seed packets contains one type of leafy vegetables and one type of fruited vegetables with instructions in four languages. 

Seed types include

  • Leafy
    • chinese cabbage
    • kang kong
    • xiao bai cai
    • kailan
  • Fruited
    • cucumber
    • brinjal
    • tomato
    • lady's finger

You can't choose the seed types as it will be given out randomly. Each species of vegetables take four to eight weeks to grow. 

Online Resources

If you are unsure on how to grow the seeds, online resources will be provided through NPark’s social media channels, including a YouTube playlist, with a total of 11 videos, which covers all the basics of how to prepare the soil for planting your seeds and even how to make your own fertiliser.

Simply scan the QR codes on the instruction pamphlets, to head over to the to NParks' resources to support your gardening journey!


NParks - Gardening With Edibles Initiative

About 150,000 seed packages will be made available, with each packet containing about 1,000 seeds. Registration starts from 18 June till 30 Jun, and those who register online will receive their seed packets by mail by 1 Aug 2020. 

You may also call 6499 1099 to register, but may receive the seeds later. 


If you have green fingers or like to encourage the family to have a shared hobby, why not apply and try to grow your own vegetables too. 



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