PUB Introduces Sustainable And New Reusable NEWater Bottle for National Day 2021

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PUB has produced a new reusable NEWater bottle to commemorate Singapore’s 56th birthday and to bring about greater awareness about water sustainability and conservation.

Photo Credit: PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency / Facebook

NEWater Bottle Collection

The reusable NEWater bottles are now available for collection! The public can visit the NEWater Visitor Centre or Sustainable Singapore Gallery for a fun tour to learn more about NEWater and collect a reusable bottle for free (while stocks last!). To make your tour bookings, you may visit the NEWater Visitor Centre Tour booking site or the Sustainable Singapore Gallery booking site. Terms and conditions apply.

About NEWater: A Singapore Success Story

NEWater is a Singapore success story that exemplifies our determination in turning challenges into opportunities. This ultra-clean, high grade recycled water produced using advanced membrane technologies is a key innovation in Singapore’s water story and a pillar of our water sustainability strategy.  Introduced in 2003, NEWater is Singapore’s Third National Tap and is a weather-resilient water source. It cushions our water supply against the impacts of climate change such as prolonged period of dry weather.

About The NEWater Bottles

The 600ml poly-propylene (PP) and BPA-free reusable NEWater bottles contains ultra-clean, high-grade recycled water known as NEWater, that
is perfectly safe and wholesome for drinking.

It comes with a specially designed shrink wrap label that features Singapore landmarks such as the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands, as well as water icons to represent water resilience and sustainability that Singapore has proudly achieved through decades of long-term planning and investments. The water icons collectively represent the rigorous treatment process in the production of NEWater.

The public is strongly encouraged to reuse the NEWater bottles to do their part reducing our carbon footprint and to make every drop count. PUB strongly believes in enduring sustainability in our water operations and plays its part in reducing its carbon footprint. Since February 2020, PUB has stopped the distribution of 350ml polyethylene terephthalate (PET) NEWater bottles to reduce single-use plastic.


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