Places to go: A Festive Forest Feast (Christmas Buffet) @ The Carvery

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Location: The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra, Level 7
Date: 5 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019
Hour: 12pm - 3pm | 6pm - 10pm (Daily)
Pricing (from): $48 (Adult) | $32 (Child) : Detailed pricing in article

Festive Forest Feast @ The Carvery

Inspired by the tropical verdant gardens and botanical tranquility surrounding Park Hotel Alexandra, The Carvery plays up the traditional Christmas celebration with a festive "Forest Feast" themed menu. 

The feast focuses on the premium meats and it doesn't disappoint! 

On the Festive Carving Board

Whiskey-Aged US Angus Beef Prime Ribs
Available for Weekend Dinner Only

One of the most flavoursome cuts of beef, this Beef Prime Rib is dry-aged in-house for 14 days by wrapping it in a cloth soaked bourbon. 

Tenderised and aromatic, the prime rib is slow roasted to perfect medium-rare doneness! And served with a selection of flavoured butters and Yorkshire Pudding!

BYKidO Recommends: Have the 1st serving with just a pinch of salt and go ahead with the condiments for 2nd and subsequent servings!

Dingley Dell Pork Rack
Available for Weekend Dinner Only

Renown for its marbling and tender texture, the Dingley Dell pork is flavoured with a secret recipe for 12 hours. Rubbed with whole grain mustard, sage, parsley before being finished in the oven, the Dingley Dell Pork Rack goes well with the house-made tangy pineapple sauce! 

Spit-roasted Chicken with Truffle
Available for Takeaway

Juicy, flavourful and simply great. Each chicken is pre-soaked for up to 24 hours in a brine containing a mix of fresh herbs, carrots, onions, bay leaves and celery. 

It is slathered with house-made truffle butter inside and out, including under the skin of the bird. This imparts the bold flavour of the truffle, and also keeps the meat tender and succulent!

The Spit-roasted Chicken with Truffle is available for takeaway from 5 - 29 Dec 2018. Order via the Hotel Website. 

Raspberry and Lychee Trifle

The Carvery serves the classic trifle on a regular basis, but for this festive season, this iconic dessert features layers of lychee and rose custard, vanilla sponge soaked with fruity kirsch liqueur, hazelnut crumble, raspberry macaroons, berry compote and a generous topping of fresh cream and raspberries! 

Dig in to fully enjoy the mixture of flavours. While it does not look like much, it is simply tasty and refreshing! 

Activities for the Kids

Face-painting and Balloon Animals will be available during weekday lunch (5th Dec - 1st Jan). There will also be Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Lunch (12pm - 2.30pm): $48 (Adults) | $32 (Child between 5 - 12 yrs)
Dinner (6pm - 10pm):

  • Mon - Thu:¬†¬†$58 (Adults) | $32 (Child)
  • Fri - Sun: $68 (Adults) | $32 (Child)

Pricing differs on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Check Park Hotel Alexandra website for full details. 

Park Hotel Alexandra: Festive Forest Feast @ The Carvery

The Carvery (Level 7)
5 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019

323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972
6828 8880


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