NLB’s Grab-n-Go Makes Borrowing Books Even Easier!

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Borrowing books is now even easier with the new self-checkout service “Grab-n-Go” at the National Library Building!

This self-checkout system will enable patrons to pick up a book from a collection of about 5,000 English, Chinese Malay, and Tamil adult titles, and books will be automatically checked-out as patrons exit through the gantry.

This is a pilot project and is part of NLB’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology to enhance the experience for its patrons under its LAB25 (Library and Archives Blueprint 2025) plan. It is also one of the replacement services 1 for the Central Public Library as it closes temporarily from 13 June 2022 for its revamp.

Grab-and-Go Pilot

The Grab-and-Go pilot will start from 18 May 2022, from 9am to 9pm at the Level 5 Study Lounge of the National Library Building.

The Grab-n-Go system leverages Ultra-High Frequency Radio Identification technology which enables patrons to Grab a book and Go in four simple steps:

1. Scan ID or NLB eCard at the gantry;
2. Grab the book/s (up to 8) from a selection in the Lounge;
3. Carry the book/s at the gantry;
4. Tap ID or NLB eCard to confirm loan to exit.

Photo Credits: National Library Board

At the end of this pilot expected early next year, we will review its usage and evaluate feedback from patrons before determining the feasibility and future roll-out plans of the Grab-n-Go system at other public libraries.


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