library@esplanade Collections And Programmes To Move To National Library Building

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The current library@esplanade will close on 30 June 2023 and its current premises will be converted by Esplanade ‚Äď Theatres on the Bay into arts and commercial spaces.

Relocation To National Library Building

The collections and programmes from the library@esplanade will be moving to the National Library Building, in the heart of the Civic District. The move will enable NLB to centralise the performing arts collections, services and programmes, alongside other existing arts resources at the National Library. 

A More Centralised Location To Access Arts Resources & Programmes

As early as August this year, familiar favourite programmes from the library@esplanade, including recitals, movie screenings, jazz appreciation workshops and showcases of original works will be available at the new location of the National Library Building.

Other popular offerings from the library@esplanade like the music studio, movies, music scores and books, will be made available from the second half of 2024 in the National Library Building as well. By then, students, researchers, practitioners from the arts and academic institutions in the Bras Basah-Bugis precinct can look forward to arts programmes and collections of material, for both borrowing and reference. This will include the following:

1. Collections

Books, music scores, play scripts, classical as well as popular CDs and video recordings of films, operas, dance performances, and theatre productions.

2. Facilities

A Piano Practice Room and a Silent Studio where musicians can hold jamming sessions, and a new programming zone that is fitted with a baby grand piano will continue to host a variety of performing arts programmes. There will also be a Screening Room available for patrons to rent and watch movies.

3. Programmes (available from late-2023)

Photo Credits: National Library Board

Weekly Movie Screenings, Open Stage Originals, recitals, jazz appreciation workshops and more performing arts workshops will be made available to families and the general public.

New Offerings At National Library Building's Plaza Area

In addition to having a more centralised location to access arts resources, families visiting the National Library Building can also look forward to new offerings in the Plaza area in 2024. NLB plans to provide more spaces there for arts and cultural performances, and new food and beverage options for people to connect and collaborate over coffee and conversations. NLB will open a call for proposals to develop the space, and more details will be available when ready.

‚ÄúIntermission Party‚ÄĚ At¬†library@esplanade

Venue: library@esplanade
Date: 30 Jun 2023
Time: 6pm

During the month of June, NLB will host a series of events at the library@esplanade, including performances and movie screenings. Families are also invited to join the "Intermission Party" on the last day of its operations at the Esplanade, and to celebrate the move to new arts opportunities at the National Library Building. This Intermission Party will be held on 30 June 2023, 6pm, and is open to all. More details of the Intermission Party will be available on LearnXArts Facebook Page in the upcoming weeks.


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