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KFC Singapore Colonel’s Guarantee Campaign - Get Your Chicken Replaced If It's Not Finger Lickin’ Good

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We know KFC's tagline, Finger Lickin’ Good, and now they will guarantee every piece of fried chicken is Fresh, Tender, Juicy and Good; at any KFC restaurant in Singapore, or it gets replaced! 

What: The Colonel’s Guarantee at KFC Singapore
When: 24 February 2021, onwards
Where: Any KFC restaurant, dine-in or takeaway

KFC Singapore is proud to announce its BIGGEST commitment to it's tagline, Finger Lickin' Good, with the Colonel’s Guarantee Campaign from 24 February 2021.

This 1-for-1 exchange programme showcases KFC’s commitment to the Finger Lickin’ Good standard. It's probably the only kind of guarantee from a fast-food chain, and represents KFC’s pledge to quality.

The Promise

That every piece of fried chicken is Fresh, Tender, Juicy and Good; at any KFC restaurant in Singapore.

What Is The Colonel's Guarantee?

Should a customer be unsatisfied with their Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy Chicken, they can head over to the counter and exchange it for a new one.

For dine-in customers, simply bring the uneaten/partially eaten chicken to the counter and fill out a feedback form about the four quality pillars: Fresh, Tender, Juicy and Good

Show the filled-in form to the KFC staff, and the replacement will be made! 

For takeaway, the process is the same. Except that you will have to return to the same KFC restaurant on the same day and in person to show the receipt and the uneaten/partially eaten chicken, followed by filling in the feedback form. 

*Full T&Cs replacement programme will be listed in feedback form. Orders made through KFC Delivery and/or Delivery partners Deliveroo, FoodPanda or GrabFood, are not applicable for this exchange programme.

So how's that for a guarantee? Tell us what you think in the comments below! 



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