Free Programmes And Initiatives For Kids By The National Library Board

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Children of all ages can look forward to an array of fun and exciting free programmes by National Library Board (NLB), available across Singapore.

Free NLB Programmes For Children Of All Ages & Backgrounds

With the aim of developing and enabling meaningful and fruitful reading and learning opportunities nationwide for all Singaporeans (from children, to seniors, less-privileged communities and persons with disabilities), NLB has worked with partners to provide a vast offering of resources, programmes and initiatives across its public libraries, archives and digital platforms.

In particular, NLB organises a number of programmes catered to children of all ages, especially those from less-privileged families who may not have ready access to learning opportunities.

Here's a closer look at some of NLB’s free community programmes and initiatives that you and your little ones can enjoy:


NLB’s nationwide kidsREAD programme aims to cultivate a love of reading among children aged 4 to 8 from less-privileged families. These children are able to participate in weekly reading club sessions curated by NLB Librarians.


NLB’s WondeRead programme is an initiative to promote reading among children aged 7 to 17 from less-privileged backgrounds, through partnerships with organisations to increase access to books and reading resources.

The three core WondeRead services that are easily accessed by beneficiaries are:

  • WondeRead@Home, where each child gets to take home four pre-loved books from NLB.
  • WondeRead Lit, where up to 200 pre-loved books are provided for reading corners located within the various social services agencies.
  • WondeRead DIY, where D.I.Y. resources are provided for organisations to conduct book-related activities and discussions with children and teenagers.

Early Read

NLB’s Early READ programme provides quality content-based reading programmes for children aged 0 to 6 years and their parents.

The Starter Kit programme under NLB’s Early READ programme involves partners from the Early Childhood Development Agency (KidSTART) and selected preschool centres to provide appropriate reading materials and resources to children from lower-income families. It aims to improve early literacy of these children and help parents to kick-start reading with their children. The variety of ready materials in the Starter Kit enables parents to engage their children by talking, singing and reading to them; practices that are important to inculcate early interest in reading in their children. 

MOLLY, the Mobile Library

To further nurture a love for reading in the next generation, MOLLY, NLB’s mobile library, in partnership with the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, brings our books and services to over 100 organisations like Special Education schools, orphanages and welfare homes for youth who may not have ready access to public libraries.

My Tree House: World’s First Green Library for Kids at the Central Public Library

My Tree House: World’s First Green Library for Kids at the Central Public Library, the world’s first green library for children, which opened in 2013, was designed to enable a multisensory experience in self-directed learning about environment issues. This very special space for kids was born out of a collaboration between NLB and City Developments Limited which rallied its likeminded green partners to support this ground-breaking effort. The library offered a collection of green-themed books and a widerange of programmes to encourage children to explore, discover and learn to read and care for the environment.

The Little Book Box

Photo Credits: National Library Board

NLB has launched a new subscription service for young readers aged 4 to 9 for eight carefully curated books from various genres to be delivered to their homes.

To spread the love of reading, NLB partnered The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to provide 200 children from low-income families with free subscriptions to The Little Book Box since 2020.


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