Festivals Celebrated in Singapore | Aug – Dec 2020

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From Singapore Food Festival to Christmas, here are the festivals we celebrate in Singapore from August to December 2020!

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper in many of our celebrations and changed the way we celebrate our festivals this year. However, in the spirit of festivities, it won’t do to let it get us down.

We take a look at some of the festivals celebrated from Aug to Dec 2020 and all the things you can look forward to next year (hopefully)!

1. Singapore Night Festival

Singapore Night Festival

Source: Singapore Night Festival

When: 21 Aug – 29 Aug 2020

Every year in August, the Singapore Night Festival lights up the Bras Basah/Bugis heritage precinct into a glowing wonderland. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, when night falls, performances and futuristic art installations will have you bewitched. Though the festival will not go on this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps we can look forward to it next year.

2. Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival
Source: Singapore Virtual Food Festival

When: 21 Aug – 30 Aug 2020

The yearly Singapore Food Festival gives foodies a perfect excuse to indulge in and rediscover local flavors as well as feast their taste buds on new flavors. The current pandemic has not changed this celebration of food as the Singapore Food Festival has launched its inaugural Virtual Edition this year.

3. Hungry Ghost Festival

When: 2 Sep 2020

The Hungry Ghost Festival, honoring the deceased, falls on the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. Throughout the seventh month, food, fruit and paper offerings are made to the deceased to appease them. Banquets and auctions are held in celebration of the festival. The centerpiece of the celebrations has got to be the Chinese operas and ‘getai’ performances, which is considered to be a popular entertainment for the wandering spirits. The celebrations will be quieter this year in view of COVID-19.

4. Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day
Source: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

When: 4 Sep 2020

Teachers’ Day is a day to honor and show appreciation for teachers and their contributions. While it’s celebrated on different days around the world, in Singapore, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the first Friday of September, though the actual celebration takes place on the eve of Teachers’ Day.

5. Children’s Day

Children’s Day
Source: Senjuti Kundu/Unsplash

When: 2 Oct 2020

Children’s Day is celebrated for different reasons around the world. In Singapore, Children’s Day, which falls on the first Friday of October, is more of a way to celebrate childhood and its joys.

6. Deepavali

Source: LiSHA

When: 14 Nov 2020

Deepavali is the festival of lights, it’s the celebration of the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Families perform prayers, light up lamps in their house and share feasts with their loved ones during the festival. In the days before the festival, Little India is set aglow with decorative lights and the streets become livelier with bazaars. You can shop for colorful decorations, get yourself a henna tattoo, enjoy an open-air concert, or sit down with a ‘teh tarik’ to admire the light-up.

7. Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day
Source: Pixabay

When: 22 Nov 2020

Grandparents’ Day in Singapore falls on the fourth Sunday in November. It’s a day to not only honor grandparents but also a day for children to learn about the contributions of their grandparents. While it’s not hugely celebrated in Singapore, you can find family-friendly events on or near the day centered on grandparents. It’s a great opportunity to ask them for nostalgic stories from their childhood days.

8. Christmas

Source: Christmas Wonderland

When: 25 Dec 2020

We may not have fluffy snow or chimneys for Santa to throw presents down, nevertheless, Christmas has always been a big celebration in Singapore. The fantastical light-ups along Orchard Road as well as the European market and brilliant luminarie sculptures at Gardens by the Bay form the highlight of the festival every year. Shopping malls and attractions offer an abundance of exciting games, activities and programs during the festival month. While we foresee a quieter Christmas celebration this year, we’ll have to keep an eye out to find out.



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