Create Your Own Art With The LEGO DOTS Message Board!

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Let your little ones express their creativity with the LEGO DOTS Message Board! Available in 2 sizes! 

There are no rules in design when it comes to the LEGO DOTS! Just a blank canvas coupled with the infinite imagination of a child, the LEGO DOTS Message Board encourages every child to create, design, recreate and redesign using the colourful little tiles! 

Together with LEGO Singapore, we are giving away 20 sets of 41951 Message Board (worth $29.90 each). Read on to find out how you can get a set for your child! 

LEGO DOTS Message Board

Imagine a blank canvas where children can display any messages and design - and to redesign it again, and again, and again. With the LEGO DOTS Message Board, children can have the freedom to express their creativity and individuality using the colourful LEGO DOTS tiles. 

These boards are great for displaying messages, designs and to be admired as masterpieces - until your child decides to redesign it again! With hanger elements provided, the boards are a great way to decorate rooms and spaces! With imagination and creativity, there is just endless possibilities with the boards! 

Available In 2 Sizes

The LEGO DOTS Message Board is available in 2 sizes. This allows the boards to be used for displaying short messages to being a decorative piece in your child's room! The 2 sizes are the 41952 Big Message Board and the 41951 Message Board. 

41952 Big Message Board

Pieces: 943
Recommended Age: 8+ Years
Price: $64.90

Great for sharing messages and designs, the 41952 Big Message Board gives children a fun canvas to express themselves again and again! This craft set features 4 16x16 plates, 2 hanger elements, blue frame elements and a bunch of tiles in fun colours and shapes. 

Using the plates, children can choose to create different types of boards and to design them according to their own mood, passion and room decor! 

41951 Message Board

Pieces: 531
Recommended Age: 6+ Years
Price: $29.90

Children can use this endlessly reusable board to create and display customised messages or personalised designs. This set features 2 16x16 plates, frame and hanger elements, plus a bunch of tiles in fun colours and shapes!

Using the LEGO DOTS tiles, including curved 2x2 elements, craft-loving kids can decorate this creative canvas to express themselves with unlimited possibilities and to display them as decorative pieces too!

41951 Message Board Giveaway

In collaboration with LEGO Singapore, BYKidO is giving away 20 sets of LEGO DOTS 41951 Message Board. Simply head over to our Facebook Post (available from 28 March, 9pm) and share in the comments, what will your kid like to create on the message board. 

The giveaway ends on 3rd April 2022, 11.59pm. 20 winners will be selected at random and will be contacted via Facebook. 

Winners must provide us with contact and delivery details in a timely manner to facilitate the prize delivery. If we do not receive the details within a day of contacting you, your prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen. All personal details provided will be shared with 3rd party partners to facilitate the prize delivery. 





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