Cartoon Network Set To Launch An All-New Singapore-Produced Series Of The Iconic Franchise, Tom And Jerry

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The first ever localised Tom and Jerry series will premiere on Cartoon Network, the Cartoon Network Asia YouTube channel, and HBO GO from 21 October 2023.

An All-New Singapore-Produced Tom and Jerry Series

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network

In the seven-part series, the legendary cartoon frenemies take their adventures to the Lion City as they weave through the labyrinth of colourful neighbourhoods, modern skyscrapers and luscious city-in-nature experiences. New episodes air every Saturday on Cartoon Network and YouTube, with four episodes immediately available on HBO GO followed by a second episode drop in November.

Episode Descriptions

  • Ep 1¬†(series premiere on 21 Oct 2023):¬†Sky's The Limit¬†

Tom & Jerry take their chase to the skies. Kite-flying has never been this intense. Who will emerge as the ultimate master of strings?

  • Ep 2¬†(28 Oct 2023):¬†What Goes Around Comes Around¬†
Tom is up to his usual nonsense, but two can play at this game as they take their chase into the neighbourhood. Leave it to Jerry to turn the tables on Tom! 
  • Ep 3¬†(4 Nov 2023):¬†Be Careful What You Fish For¬†

Jerry has his eyes set on Tom’s catch of the day and is determined to stand in the way. Tom is also bent on getting a taste of the sea one way or the other! Will they sink or swim?

  • Ep 4¬†(11 Nov 2023):¬†Count On Merli¬†

Tom & Jerry zip along Singapore‚Äôs vibrant riverside and make a new friend ‚Äď Merli! Will Merli succeed in being the maestro of peace between the two?

  • Ep 5¬†(18 Nov 2023):¬†Ice Ice Paradise¬†

It‚Äôs another hot and humid day in Singapore. Cool down with Tom and Jerry by the beach as they chase each other into a frenzy for an icy delight ‚Äď Ice Kachang!

  • Ep 6¬†(25 November 2023:¬†Colourful Chase¬†
Jerry fancies himself an artist, but Tom disagrees. Their artistic antics blur lines between art and chaos. Other than a trail of mess, what else will they leave behind?
  • Ep 7¬†(Sneak peek premiered on 7 Aug 2023 ‚Ästlink):¬†What's That Smell¬†
One cat’s delicacy is another mouse’s poison. Tom & Jerry get caught in a thorny issue over the aroma of durian. Will the King of Fruits help reconcile their differences?

Streaming Channels

  • Cartoon Network¬†
    • StarHub TV: 316
    • Singtel TV: 226

Kite-Flying Event at Marina Barrage [More Details To Come]

Venue: Marina Barrage
Date: 4 to 5 Nov 2023

Inspired by one of the episodes, Cartoon Network is arranging a kite-flying fiesta at Marina Barrage in Singapore on the weekend of 4 to 5 November 2023. Tom and Jerry fans can design their own kite, fly it with friends against the beautiful skyline of Marina Bay and cool down with some icy treats. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Warner Bros. Centennial Celebration: WB100 Celebrating Every Story!

Photo Credit: Sentosa

Venue: Central Beach Station, Emerald Pavillion & Southside
Date: 10 to 26 Nov 2023
Fee: Free admission

Tom and Jerry will also star at the upcoming WB100 Celebrating Every Story event at Sentosa from 10 to 26 November 2023. There will be Tom and Jerry-themed games and experiences, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes information about the series.

Apart from the iconic duo, families will also discover DC Super-Heroes like Aquaman and the zaniest Looney Tunes pals come to life, and bring you fun and games for the whole family, projection and interactive experiences, and weekend movie screenings right under the sunset sky! 

More information about the free-entry centennial event at Sentosa here.


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