Disney+ To Release All-New Kids Show, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

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Introduce your kids to the galaxy far, far away with the all-new Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures!

Looking for a new show for your kids to enjoy? How about a show with epic world-building, filled with adventure and brave young characters for your kids to learn from? Disney+ has the perfect show for you, and bonus – it’s part of the Star Wars Universe!

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

Photo Credits: Disney+

Release Date: 4 May 2023

Set before the events of the movies, aka the Skywalker Saga, Young Jedi Adventures follows a group of young Padawans as they embark on a series of exciting missions and learn what it takes to become Jedi Knights. A heartwarming adventure story, with its universal themes of friendship, loyalty and overcoming adversity, this series is perfect for kids, whether they know anything about the Star Wars universe or not. Plus, for all you Star Wars fans, this is one kids show you may even enjoy more than your kids do!

Pull out your old lightsaber and teach your kids a few tricks with Young Jedi Adventures, streaming exclusively on Disney+ on May 4th!


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