BYKidO Visits: xhe, Part of the Da:ns Festival

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Location: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Date: 12th & 14th Oct 2018
Hour: 12th: 7 pm - 12 am| 14th: 2 pm - 7 pm
Admission: $20 | Concession Tickets: $12 | Family Package of 3: $42

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This week, we attended the performance, xhe, happening at the Esplanade Annexe Studio as part of the Da:ns Festival. 


Da:ans Festival: xhe

xhe, was an interesting experience for us as its not the usual kid's show or performance that we have been to.

When you enter the performance stage, the vibrant colors stands out, and next you will notice the various loose pieces scattered around. You and your LO will sit / stand / lie down on the stage, among the performers and play with the loose pieces around. 

Da:ans Festival: xhe

The dancers move in a trance like manner around the audience and its interesting to watch the deliberate movements and imagine the mindset that the dancer is in. The performance is also very interactive with many moving pieces and audience participation. 

Da:ans Festival: xhe

For the Kids

As the performers are not behaving in a usual adult manner, covering themselves with drapes and cushions, or spinning, crawling and rolling on the floor, the kids will be curious and have the puzzled and inquisitive look of "What is happening". 

Da:ans Festival: xhe

We expect most kids will divide their time exploring the many props lying around and staring curiously at the dancers. Throughout the performance, they will be encouraged to interact with the performance and use their imagination with the loose pieces.

While the performance may not appeal to everyone, we think its an interesting opportunity to engage creatively with the kids and to see their reactions in a "free play" space. 

Da:ans Festival: xhe

BYKidO Tip: Parts of the performance include sounds and movement from the dancers that may frighten younger kids. We encourage you to play and engage with the kids throughout the performance so as to be aware of such instances. 


xhe, Da:ans Festival 2018

xhe happens on the 12th of Oct (7pm - 12am) and 14th Oct (2pm - 7pm) at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. While the performance is 5hrs long, its not necessary to arrive at the starting time nor is it necessary to stay throughout the performance. More details are available here. 

xhe, is part of the Da:ns Festival happening at the Esplanade from 9th  - 21st of October 2018. Other interesting highlights for families are

Attended the performances? Tell us what you think in the comments below. 



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