Assemble Your Heroes with the First-Ever MARVEL x Pandora Collection

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Step into the action-packed world of MARVEL Cinematic Universe with the first-ever MARVEL x Pandora Collection!

Working closely with MARVEL artists, Pandora craftsmen have created an exquisite selection of charms that truly captures the personalities and values of each character.

Incorporating the use of metal, texture and highly detailed enamel work, the MARVEL x Pandora Collection realistically recreates the heroes’ suits in its true likeness, while an engraving of each character’s signature phrase encapsulates their unique strength in just a few words.

The collection is available at all Pandora stores and E-store. 

Here is a look at the charms from the MARVEL x Pandora Collection. 

Marvel The Avengers Charms

Channel the strength to make a difference with the Iron Man Charm ($149). Armoured up in 14k gold plating on a shiny metallic red enamel, Iron Man is completed with sparkling clear cubic zirconia in his palms that reflect light in all directions for an extra touch of invincible power. Engraved with the words ‘Find Your Power’, it reminds us of our capability to impact the lives of the people around us.

Go boldly to build a better world with the sterling silver Black Panther Charm ($99), that embodies the character’s vision to be a symbol of justice and peace for mankind. The life-like charm of the warrior king in his signature pose is engraved with the iconic ‘Wakanda Forever’ catchphrase as a reminder to always fight for a better world.

Be empowered to achieve all things you set out to do with the sterling silver Black Widow Charm ($99). Featuring the popular character with her signature fiery red hair, sleek black suit, in a mid-air stance clutching her widow bite batons, this charm serves as a reminder to always choose determination and never let your past decide your path.

The Hulk Charm ($99) captures the trademark details of Hulk with his muscular large upper body and torn frayed shorts. This sterling silver charm is hand-painted with transparent green enamel to create his authentic green glow and designed to reflect his signature ‘Hulk Smash’ pose.

Thor’s Hammer Dangle Charm

Bring the thunder with Thor’s Hammer Dangle Charm ($89). Capturing Thor’s descent, this charm is etched with authentic Viking symbols and patterns. Engraved with the words ‘Worthy’, this charm stands as a nod that you are good and strong enough to go confidently in your way.

Captain America Shield Dangle Charm

Be protected from danger with Captain America Shield Dangle Charm ($89) and know that there is always hope to conquer all odds. This iconic sterling silver circular shield features the famed Captain America star surrounded by rings of blue and red enamel. On the back, a raised star with etched details at the center encircled by three engraved lines and the words “True To Yourself”.

Iron Man Arc Reactor Charm

Exude limitless strength with the Iron Man Arc Reactor Charm ($69), a small device but yet has an abundance of power to take Iron Man through his battles. Flip the charm to reveal Tony Stark’s poignant phrase – ‘I Love You 3000’, a symbolic reminder that your loved ones are always behind you no matter where you are.

Infinity Stones and Infinity Gauntlet Charms

Possess even greater power with the Infinity Stones gathered in the form of the Infinity Stones Ring ($159) or Infinity Stones Dangle Charm ($129). The 14k gold-plated ring has the words ‘REALITY, SOUL, MIND, TIME, POWER, SPACE’ engraved on the inside of the shank that represents the different aspects of the universe. Every small dangle on the two-toned Infinity Stones Dangle Charm is engraved with the stone’s corresponding symbolic power.

Harness the power of the Infinity Stones with the Infinity Gauntlet Dangle Charm ($149), which showcases an intricately realistic design of the stones set on the knuckles. For a touch of fun, this collector’s charm comes with a moveable index finger as you prepare to dominate time and space with a ‘snap’ of your finger.

Pandora Moments Marvel The Avengers Logo Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

Assemble your heroes and powers on the Pandora Moments Marvel The Avengers Logo Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet ($159). Engraved with the words ‘We are Heroes’ on the back of the clasp, channel your modern-day heroic spirit and style in your own ways.

Image credits Pandora 



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