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Adidas x Pixar Unveils Toy Story Kids' Shoe Collection

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"To Infinity and Beyond" this October as children will soon be able to get their "Toy Story" inspired shoes from Adidas! 

Slated to be available in the United States from 1st Oct 2020 is a brand new, super cool and highly nostalgic "Toy Story" inspired Kids' shoe collection! A collaboration between Adidas and Pixar, the "Toy Story" Friendship collection feature sneakers and apparels to commemorate the 25th year anniversary of Toy Story! 

A few things to note before you get too excited.

  • Only juniors, children and infants sizes are available
  • Currently not (yet) available in Singapore 
  • You can see the designs on Adidas U.S. store.

Because the collection is so pretty, here are highlights for you! 

Adidas Buzz x Dame 7 Shoes

 Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story Buzz

Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story Buzz

This Buzz Lightyear-inspired shoe has a couple of hidden secrets! 1. It glows in the dark, and 2. Andy's name is "scribbled" on the bottom of the shoe! I want to be owned by Andy too! 

Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story Buzz

Adidas Jessie x MND Shoes Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story Jessie

Our favourite of the collection with it's bright colors and design! It shouts "You go girl"!

Adidas Aliens x Deep Threat Shoes

 Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story Aliens

Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story Aliens

It feels like wearing bright colored aliens on your feet... but wait till you check out the glow-in-the dark effects! 

Other Designs Available

The collection also features shoes inspired by Woody, Hamm, Rex and others too! 

Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story

Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story

Adidas x Pixar: Toy Story

Image Credit: Pixar x Adidas


Now we just hope it comes to Asia! Which of these shoes will be your must-have when it arrives? 



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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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